Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was Iowa Caucus week. The results:

  • Highway 287 south of Rhome, northbound, moments ago:

  • It's 2022! A new year, and a new you! Scratch that. Nothing will change. 

  • An Arlington townhome blew up on NYE, and it was caught on video

  • Two morons "setting fire" to the concrete marker at the southern most point in the U.S. at Key West, and taking photos of each other while they did it, might have been caught in one of the best quality surveillance video I've ever seen. Video. (This screenshot doesn't do it justice.)

  • I would give you the COVID numbers, but the state of Texas is in no rush to update the figures. As of this morning: 

  • Two very different Republican women:
    • A nutcase and an Insurrectionist supporter:

    • American hero and democracy icon:

  • Jeff Bezos was killin' it on New Year's Eve.

  • I'm sure you've seen it, but here is the full clip of the Antonio Bryant meltdown from yesterday.

  • And here's the video of the railing collapsing in Washington and almost injuring Philadelphia QB Jalen Hurts.

  • There are still a ton of things wrong with this case on all sides. From still getting 10 years for an accident to a criminal sentence just being magically reduced because of public outcry.

  • The Texas Secretary of State decided to announce Phase I of the Texas election audit of Friday afternoon on New Year's Eve. Guess why he tried to bury it: They found nothing. (Trump somehow got to demand that  it happened.) 

  • Dueling cities:

  • We had a trifecta: Betty White, John Madden and Dan Reaves. 

  • Random bowl win image: Central Michigan's coach doused in frosted flakes after winning the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

  • I watched Don't Look Up. Verdict: Fantastic concept. Poorly executed. 
  • Baylor will end up no worse than #5 in the final AP Poll. (For the life of me, I don't know if the AP poll traditionally leaves the four playoff teams in the top four positions after the season is over.)