Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This was a wild case which turned out even wilder than we originally thought. I found this from a lawsuit filed by two passengers who were killed in the crash: 

  • With all those people stuck on the I-95 highway in Virginia, this question came up: How long will a full tank of gas for the average car last if the engine is running with the heat on? My Google research ballparked it at about 1/2 of a gallon per hour. 
  • The Little Ball of Insurrection is at it again. 

  • The January 6th committee wants to talk to Sean Hannity. We can see why. 

    • Within hours of this Hannity news, Trump cancelled his ill-advised press conference scheduled for tomorrow.

    • Then Trump got stranger.
  • The price of oil is pretty much back, isn't it?

  • We'll see more changes at the top over the next 15 years as electric vehicles take over. 

  • Greg Abbott is suing over the federal vaccine mandate for the Texas National Guard.  But I think he suddenly believes he's Eisenhower: 

    • But he's better than Huffines. 

  • I'll say this about the Texas COVID hospitalization chart, it's changing rapidly. 

  • Sounds very strange: The State Bar filed an "administrative matter" regarding a "complaint" against, as best I can tell, a prosecutor or other lawyer within the Ellis County D.A.'s office.  The county hires an outside firm to represent the lawyer (and settles up with that firm for $5,000 for the defense's final bill), but the county commissioners aren't allowed to know the name of the attorney. 

    • I loved this quote from one of the commissioners who was complaining: “I woke up with a start Monday morning realizing for the first time since I was sworn in in 2013, I’m being asked to issue a check on behalf of ‘Anonymous’. ”
  • Hey, Adelle is fantastic and her new song "Easy on Me" is already the gold standard, but when she sings the word "chance" at one point during the chorus, I hear an odd Southern twang. (It's at exactly 2:37 in this video.) I can't unhear it. 
  • Let's do it. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold