Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It was the great Bridgeport trophy scandal of 2012 after that photo got out.  The Messenger would follow up the story, and it even made its way to Channel 8 News which mentioned a "local blog" calling attention to the incident.   

  • New Texas COVID numbers were finally released yesterday afternoon and, whether it be a seven day average (yellow) or a new daily numbers (purple), we are now setting all time records. And that has to be only a fraction of the actual cases out there considering how hard it is to get tested. Plus, these numbers don't even include at-home testing. 

    • But hospitalization rates are much better. During the last two peaks, we topped out with around 14,000 in the hospital. Now we have just over 7,000.

  • Dan Patrick wouldn't even think of showing up, and he'll still win the state, and Wise County, in a landslide. 

  • The D.C. area got hit with a snowstorm yesterday, and they handle it as about as well as we do. 
    • A couple of reporters stuck on highways all night have provided updates during their ordeal. 

    • A former VP candidate just chimed in:

  • Trump is supporting the QAnon congresswoman, and thinks a private company should be banned by the government from "doing business." Craziness won't be going away in 2022.

    • Other Republicans don't feel the same way: 

  • There hasn't been much news on the shooting in Lubbock back in November that bugged me so much. Basically the only development is that the dead man's mother and wife have sued the shooter

  • I thought endorsements were supposed to help you

  • Bexar County is cancelling jury trials due to COVID.
  • Here's a better angle of the rail collapse at FedEx Field. Video.

  • And another. Identifying a DNA sample by looking at the DNA of relatives who had voluntarily sent their sample off out of genetic history interest. And the two or three Texas labs leading the way in this science seemed to be involved in almost every case. 

  • Extremely legal nerdy stuff warning. This is incredible. The Texas Bar Journal just came out with its legal review of 2021 issues in law. I flipped to the single criminal law page (p. 32) and saw the summary of the first of three notable cases (below).  The summary was 100% wrong. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals held just the opposite in Ortiz! And that quote the author put in the summary doesn't exist (it actually appears in the lower appellate court opinion which was reversed.)   I knew something was up when he called the highest court "The Criminal Court of Appeals."  By the way, the State Bar forces attorneys to pay around $250 a year to be members, and the Journal is the only thing we really get in return. It has always been awful. But this was really, really bad. 

  • College football is now wild. Couple the transfer portal with NIL money, and it really is free agency. OU both lost and gained a quarterback yesterday. 

  • This scheduling seems weird. If you didn't know better, you'd think that ESPN suddenly discovered they forgot to broadcast a bowl game and have to run it out there tonight.

  • Per the Washington Post, The Washington Football Team will reveal its new name and logo on February 2nd.