Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

On November 13, 2013, Sam Hurd would be sentenced to 15 years in prison. He is scheduled to be released on May 17, 2025. (There's actually a "federal prison inmate locater." He's listed under Samuel Hurd.)

  • That was quick: Ronnie Brezina was convicted yesterday in the Capital Murder case involving the stabbing of Brandy Wallen outside of the Decatur tanning salon named Toast Your Bunz.
    • Here's something crazy: In 1998, Brezina was convicted of stabbing a person in Denton County and sentenced to 20 years in prison. And the prosecutor involved in that case was the same one involved in yesterday's verdict when he worked for the Denton D.A.'s Office. (Trial court #F-96-0613-C  and appeal 02-98-00428-CR but the opinion must have been unpublished.)
      Brezina from days that weren't even better back then.

  • Yesterday evening, the House Committee investigating January 6th revealed some of the text messages that Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows received as the Insurrection was ongoing. What follows is the transcript from Liz Chaney quoting them:

    • First, if there was any question that the White House didn't know what was going on from TV, these texts from unnamed Congressional members to Meadows left no doubt. And they urged him to convince Trump to take action:

    • And then the Fox News crowd begged their leader through Meadows:

    • Finally, Trump Jr., who apparently has no way of getting his father to listen to him, texted Meadows to get some messages to his dad.

    • And these are just the texts that Meadows voluntarily turned over. 
  • A "Rick Perry" has filed for Governor. But it's not that Rick Perry. Nope, it is a Richard Perry out of Springtown

    • But there is something weird about this. His application was notarized by a guy named Tony McDonald who is the General Counsel for the far right wing PAC of Empower Texans. And he's a donor and supporter of governor candidate Don Huffines. If you didn't know, the Empower Texans faction of the Republican Party despise Abbott.   
    • Speculation: With Abbott leading in the polls by just over 50% against all challengers, do the Republican Abbott haters hope someone like "Rick Perry" could get, say, 5% of the vote and help force a run-off?
    • Tony McDonald is no stranger to anti-Abbott sentiment. He was caught expressing his hatred for Abbott before in a recording which was accidentally released.  

  • This current Texas COVID surge (that at least I thought was going on) has really been flat over the last week. In every single past surge, it's been really predictable with a climb almost every single day until it peaks. Once again, I always like to look at hospitalization numbers:

    Last nine days

  • There's a lot going on here

  • Here, too.

  • Sports Quick hits:
    • According to the very accurate College Football Reference, eight punters just had seasons which put them in the Top Ten since 2000 based upon yard per kick. This cannot happen naturally. Juiced ball? I'm serious. (If you can be serious about punting stats.)  

    • The Evil Empire sure seems overly excited about getting Ohio State's backup quarterback. (The other recruits they've received commitments from over the last three days, including this guy, are impressive.)
    • OU's ex-QB Spencer Rattler landed with South Carolina last night. 
    • Over the last 72 games in basketball, Baylor is 63-6, won a National Championship, and got back up to #1 in the nation yesterday after beating #9 Villanova 57-36 on Sunday. 

  • The Houston Chronicle is doing a series on tax-free parsonages owned by churches. As an example, Highland Park Presbyterian has eleven homes and avoids property taxes of anywhere between $25,000 and $35,000 on each of them . . .