Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This is a big day. Ten years ago to the day is when I first discovered the DPS gun boats.   

  • Wise County attorney Paul Belew has officially filed to run for the office of Governor of the great state of Texas. (The filing fee is $3,750.)

    • For a list of everyone who has filed for state-wide offices (not county-wide), see here.
    • If you really like politics, here is a collection of every Texas Congressional House race up for election and the candidates who have filed. Some are very crowded. Example:

  • Our under-indictment Texas AG hung out a Trump's clubhouse on Friday. He posed with a nut who stood outside the Oval Office after January 6th with notes that read "martial law if necessary." And both are proud of it. 

  • We knew this was coming. Following the footsteps of Texas, California will now put a $10,000 bounty on those who sell "assault weapons" -- including AR-15s. And if your reaction is, "But there is a constitutional right to own an AR-15", well, that's kind of the whole point of the California governor's tactics.

  • Chris Wallace has immediately left Fox News for CNN. If there is anyone left over there in the "straight news" division, I don't know who it is. 

  • Elon Musk was just named Time's Person of the Year.

    Didn't make the cover.

  • I wonder what the back story is on this. The girl's picture got my attention. 

    Credit @FOX4Terry for photos.

  • I have questions. 

  • Take a look at this photo of four Texas officers who must have captured a modern day Pablo Escobar since he had two bags of weed.  And zoom in on the money. That's a whopping $70 when the fifteen $1 bills they have displayed are counted. The drug "bust" actually made a newscast in Lufkin. 

  • Oddest thing you might see all day: Miss Universe winner Miss India impersonating a cat last night. (Video.)

  • Got to appreciate a guy who is hobbling off the field but stops to pick up some misplaced scissors on the turf.

  • When a story like this appears on the official NFL website, you know the NFL wants him gone. 

  • Unintended funny.

  • Just when I was sad that the UT Pole Assassin and her monkey had left the news, some hero came through. 

  • Football jargon: There is no reason - absolutely no reason - to ever insert the word "scrimmage" into a description of a play or production of yards. It means nothing. For example, " He had over 200 rushing yards from scrimmage" or "On the first play from scrimmage in the second quarter" or "On the first play from scrimmage after the fumble recovery."