Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Fox News dropped this bit after a while. The jobless rate would drop to to 3.1% 
by the time Obama left office. 

  • I can't get a handle on this omicron variant. It seems to be exploding everywhere, but not yet in Texas.  And although the symptoms or milder, it seems to spread faster than anything we've seen before. To make it more confusing, it also seems that any surge won't last long -- cases are surprisingly already falling in South Africa where it started.
  • You really can't be shooting into the car of a thief as he drives away, but I wonder if anyone gets worked up about this story.

  • The following, like the current weather, are not conducive to the Christmas spirit:
  • One of the two people the Clay County sheriff kept in jail after a JP found no probable cause to keep her in jail has been awarded a big bag of cash because her topless club employer ripped her off as an employee.

  • We had two people get Me Too'd yesterday. Merry Christmas, again.  

  • Home page of the Dallas Morning News.  "Dozens"?

  • Trump's wife is going to try and con people out of their money with NFTs. (There is no way that either her or Trump know what "leveraging blockchain technology" means.)  Grifters gonna grift. 

  • Proof that Congress has always been screwed up: Author Truman Capote somehow became an expert on the implications on the Miranda warnings simply because he wrote In Cold Blood even before the Supreme Court decision was handed down. Spoiler alert: He cared more about Senators not reading his book, and those dang Miranda warnings might have kept him from even writing it.

  • TV watching: (1) I can actually get Bally's Sports so I'm watching way too much of every game played in the Texas high school playoffs over this four day period, (2) I'm going back and watching HBO's much acclaimed John Adams mini-series and it has the pace of Lonesome Dove. I'm dying here. (3) Excited about Righteous Gemstones coming back

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 896 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold