Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That's the way a led of post where I went off on then Dallas DA Craig Watkins.  He was being sued by Citibank for an unpaid $15,000 credit card bill after being in office for five years where he was earning a taxpayer funded salary of $187,666 annually. His explanation for the debt really bugged me. 

  • Good grief. Hey, I've been telling you that we are seeing a rash of extremely violent crime by minors.  Video here. The kid fired 20 rounds. 

  • After a five day lapse, Texas finally started releasing its COVID numbers again. The new case numbers have, uh, taken quite the turn with the numbers basically doubling. That sharp spike wasn't there when we last saw the chart:
  • America will forget about this by dinner time. 

  • This is a wild development for those who watched the West Memphis Three documentaries on HBO. And this report says that they hope to send any DNA evidence to Pure Gold lab in California (which is, by the way, the same lab which exonerated Aric Maxwell in the Wise County Lauren Whitener case.)

  • Los Angeles police released the videos of the incident that led to an innocent 14 year old girl being killed by an errant shot fired by police as she was in a dressing room. The video shows a guy violently beating a woman with a bike lock -- it's hard to watch -- and then the cops come in. One cop in particular demanded to go to the front of the line of officers, and then he  unloaded on the guy with a rifle. One of the shots hit the floor and ricochets into the dressing room. The surveillance video is cued up here.  The shooter's bodycam is cued up here.

  • A Granbury woman was conned by a former FBI agent. In fact, his scheme -- where he convicted her she was on "secret probation" started one month after he retired from the agency.

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, churches are using data mining to identify those people who possess the likely characteristics of potential new members:  Those experiencing "marital distress, anxiety and grief."  Ponder that for a moment. 

  • We will barely crack 40 degrees on Sunday. And sunny. I hate cold weather when it is sunny.
  • Random NFL fun fact:

  • The case of Mike Leach vs. Texas Tech is today at 5:45 p.m. on ESPN in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.
  • Random something I learned yesterday: "Tarp" is actually short for  "tarpaulin."