Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It was pretty wild in Williamson County. Michael Morton had just been exonerated when DNA of the real killer was found on a red bandana. So someone started pinning red bandana's to the incumbent DA's re-election signs. (He had fought the DNA testing)  He would go on to lose the election to challenger Jana Duty. But things kept getting darker.  Duty would be behind the false conviction of a high school kid which would be documented in Showtime's Outcry. Duty would later kill herself in a condo in Rockport in 2016.

  • Remember the 14 year old arrested for the triple murder of three teenagers at the Garland convenience store? Well, never mind

  • Juries are still deliberating in the  Ghislaine Maxwell and Elizabeth Holmes cases. 

  • Hot sports opinion: John Madden (R.I.P.) might have been entertaining to almost everyone (I think I might be the only guy in America who was beaten down by him to no end), but he broadcast in an era where everyone got a pass on obvious errors. Case in point: In 1995, Cowboy's coach Barry Switzer decided to famously go for it on 4th down late in the game against the Eagles. Emmitt Smith ran the ball and was stopped short, but the officials ruled that the two minute warning had hit before the snap of the ball so the play didn't count. All that was true. But Madden ranted to a national audience that because the officials did not blow their whistles before the ball was snapped that they couldn't stop the play even if the play began after the clock hit 2:00. (They had blown the whistle a split second after the ball was snapped but the players didn't hear it.) Madden was completely wrong, and he just made that rule up on the fly. Video is cued up here.  (And, yes, I know it didn't matter in the long run because the Cowboys insanely went for it again and were stopped again.)
    Ref sees clock hit 2:00 minute warning mark
    Ref running in and now blowing whistle.

  • Weather talk.

  • I know you're either vaccinated and are confident, or unvaccinated and willing to risk it, but be careful out there. It's back. 

  • The "lady" who slapped the 80 year old man on a flight for not wearing a mask had been on Baywatch and in Playboy

  • What if a parent objects to the Bible being in the library? "Under [Oklahoma] Senate Bill 1142, if just one parent objects to a book it must be removed within 30 days. If it is not, the librarian must be fired and cannot work for any public school for two years. Parents can also collect at least $10,000 per day from school districts if the book is not removed as requested."

  • Random Photo #1: The football equipment manager for Arizona State University in Las Vegas for the bowl game posted a picture of he and his very pregnant girlfriend getting married by Elvis last night. 

  • Random  Photo #2: The University of Houston's coach posted this after winning the Birmingham Bowl and arriving back home with the very crazy looking trophy.

  • Tech beat its old coach last night and sent the SEC to 0-4 in bowl games. (Tech impressed me to no end against Baylor in the last regular season game of the year.) Hot sports opinion: Bowl games are good. Let's have as many as we can. 

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