Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I wish I had a 10 year update on the goats.  That is, assuming they are still alive. Google just gave me conflicting information on the lifespan of goats.

  • It's definitely back in Texas now:
    New cases


  • So it wasn't that 14 year old that killed three people in the Garland convenience store, but a different 14 year old who is the alleged killer and is now on the run. And the dad of that 14 year old was the alleged getaway driver. This is wild. 

  • Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted yesterday, and it seems like every time I turn around I see a picture I hadn't seen before where she pops up in it. 

    • And I don't know how Fox News puts Alan Dershowitz on to talk about the case without disclosing he was Epstein's lawyer in Florida and has been to Epstein Island on Epstein's jet. 

    • The BBC forgot that disclosure yesterday and had to issue this

  • Two stories in the news got my attention, so I decided to do a Wise County Jail search:
    • Story 1: Guy was all over Twitter bragging about making a fortune trafficking in the 19 legal weed states. (Yep, it's a real story.)

    • Story 2: Rich guys are in the Dallas Morning News today bragging about making a fortune on legal hemp in Texas.

    • So I wondered if anyone was sitting in jail right now in Wise County because of having less than two ounces of weed? Yep. One girl has been there for 56 days.

  • So being a jerk on Christmas to the President qualifies you for public office these days? (Oh, and while he's checking in with God, he might want to ask Him what He thinks about that "Let's go Brandon" thing.)

  • I'm not an art guy, but this painting of "Wounded Knee Massacre" stopped me down yesterday, especially when I read some of the artists comments. "The design gives the impression of an open grave with a structure-like tombstone of soldiers", and "bodies like human red flame" and ". . . the curvilinear movements of Indian bodies below the ground level contrast to the static vertical movements of the white soldiers in a group above the ground level. . . ."

    • Wait. Did I just engage in "Critical Race Theory"? Is the blog now going to be banned or burned? 
  • Kind of a bizarre sight last night watching an OU receiver score without a helmet. They called the TD back because you are "out of play" once your helmet comes off. It didn't really matter: Sooners rolled 47-32.

  • Decatur PD has a sweet '54 Plymouth they were promoting a couple of days ago, but I'm a little curious about that contraption in the background. 

  • Oh, that photo . . .