Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The death of Elizabeth Lightfoot actually remains an unsolved mystery. She had gone out that evening and ended up with a strangely high BAC of 0.317 after leaving friends at Yourway Burger in Farmer's Branch ). But then went by a grocery store afterwards and bought Ramen noodles. Police investigated it as a homicide, but the ME's office surprised everyone by calling it an "accident" (for whatever that's worth.) 

  • Oh, my. The girl who was shot to death in her car in Irving, after finding a tracker on her vehicle a few days earlier, was a stripper at Rick's Cabaret near the airport. And the man arrested in connection with her death was a frequent customer. 

  • "A well-known Wichita Falls, Texas, man was arrested Wednesday on a tougher charge for an alleged road rage incident that occurred in 2020, court documents show . . . . Wise County District Attorney James Stainton of Decatur is the specially appointed prosecutor for McDaniel’s case."

  • My one and only assistant is a huge Rolling Stones fan, and also has the worst luck. 
    • In 2016, she traveled to Las Vegas to see them only to have the concert cancelled at the last minute when Jagger contracted laryngitis.  
    • In 2019, she bought tickets to see them in New Orleans only to have the concert postponed due to a hurricane, and she couldn't make the new date. 
    • She bought tickets for the Stones in Dallas for their scheduled concert in May of 2020 but it got cancelled due to COVID. 
    • Tonight she has tickets for them at the Cotton Bowl with heavy rains predicted. 
  • I've buried the lede! The big story of the day is a UT special teams coach and his girlfriend's monkey.  (The USA Today has some pretty funny coverage of this saga.)  Here we go . . . 
    • From January: 

    • From last night:

    • And, finally, here is the "Pole Assassin's" apparent confirmation that the little monkey at least did something (and then she deleted her Twitter account.)

    • Just to recap, allegedly the Special Teams coach at Texas, who coached at Alabama, left his wife for a former stripper, who went by the name of Pole Assassin and had a pet monkey who she incorporated into her act, and then he, the coach, brought that former stripper and her monkey with him to Austin, where it, the monkey, bit a kid on Halloween in 2021.
  • This all seems so 1950s.

  • 34!? There was no way they were walking away from that gig and all the retirement benefits: 

  • The Anti-vax crowd used to be a very small fringe movement championed by Jenny McCarthy.
  • There are a lot of things I don't understand about QAnon, but their infatuation with JFK Jr. being alive is right up there at the top of my list. 

  • Dak was announced to be a "full go" for Sunday's game, but he didn't look like it as he ran like an old man to catch up to Cooper Rush after the game. 

  • If you want to see how a small town Sheriff's Office can get in over their heads while trying to solve a murder and fall victim to tunnel vision about a particular suspect, watch the 45 minute stand-alone episode named "Joyride" in Season 2 of Netflix's Confession Tapes. It's crazy.  

  • I don't think Gary Patterson gets another high profile job.