Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The daughter of Aransas County Judge William Adams had videotaped the beating in 2004, but it went viral for some reason in 2011. The daughter then went on a weird publicity tour appearing on the national morning shows and later Dr. Phil. The judge failed to win re-election, losing in the Republican primary in 2014.

  •  The Texas Abortion Bounty Law is before the Supreme Court today. Kind of. The court will hear oral arguments on a complicated federal procedure question that no one I know understands  -- including me. Roe v. Wade is not at issue. That comes next next month in another case out of Mississippi. 

  • Tarrant County prosecutors have quietly thrown in the towel after getting a hung jury in September in this Improper Relationship case.  They dismissed it without comment on October 19th.

  • Bridgeport will get a Whataburger after all. It will go just to the east of Brookshires. 

  • Hero?

  • "Texas inmate on Death Row found dead" is just weird to write.

  • A failed state senator who wants to be governor has pulled out the Trump playbook to explain his last election loss. (He has since deleted the tweet.) 

  • Fun pic circa 1980. The Cowboys headquarters and practice field were off Central Expressway with the Playboy Club right by it. And note the Expressway is two lanes each way with very little traffic. Click to enlarge. 

  • Lawyer mishap (story is behind paywall):

  • Come on, that's a funny costume. Especially the addition of the dog which was allegedly left behind.

  • I'm not sure I knew that Bridgeport High School had a Bass Team. 

  • Gary Patterson (shockingly) getting fired by TCU, but refusing to stay for the rest of the season when asked, seems like a very Gary Patterson thing to do. But I wouldn't do it either. Side note: Any chance his towel girl enters the Transfer Portal?

  • Beating the Evil Empire must never go unmentioned. 

  • If you want to see a text book example of an illegal detention after the purpose of a traffic stop is over, here you go. This happens all the time. 

  • Weird fun facts.

  • If Texas can block abortion by using civil lawsuits, why couldn't another state ban gun possession using the same tool?