Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This one is fitting. Last night Ron Washington finally got a World Series Championship ring, and ten years ago this little guy made his appearance on Liberally Lean in anticipation of the Rangers Game 7. (The kid actually did that bit in 2010, a year earlier, but I re-issued the pic for good luck. It didn't work.)     

  • A big crowd showed up at Dealey Plaza yesterday to see the return of the late JFK, Jr. who would then install Donald Trump as president.  Make no mistake about it: These people are all around you. 

  • The Tarrant County DA will not get a new $116 million office after a bond proposal was rejected. That's never going to pass as a stand alone item. 

  • A lot of school bonds failed across the state.   I'm not sure it's a good idea to put multi-million dollar bonds on a ballot right after all the voters have received their jaw-dropping property tax bills in the mail. 
  • Constitutional amendment elections are a scam.  An example is below. It would be nice if it told you how the eligibility requirements were changing. 

  • Republicans got a big win in Virginia and are getting real close in New Jersey which is currently too close to call. Heck, both races have razor thin margins. But Virginia is weird. Since 1976, every time a new president has been elected to the White House, the other party wins the Virginia governor`s race the following year.

    New Jersey still being counted

    • Virginia, on the same night, elected a Democratic black and female Jamaican immigrant as Lt. Governor. Edit: Oops. She's a Republican. The gun should have tipped me off. 

  • "Saginaw police say they got the call at 3:55 a.m. Monday reporting shots fired at a home on Babbling Brook Drive. Investigators say Russell had gone to three or four homes, knocking on the front doors. According to police, one homeowner answered the door and told Russell to go away. 
  • Police say at some point, Russell started to leave but then rushed back toward the homeowner who then fired multiple rounds, killing Russell." I'd bet there will be no criminal charges. 

  • The fact the Rittenhouse trial is televised is great. I'm telling you, it's going to be hard to get a conviction. When a whole criminal trial revolves around whether someone's conduct was "reasonable", the prosecution is in for a huge uphill battle. 

  • Jenna Ryan, the Little Ball of Insurrection™ and realtor from the metroplex, will face sentencing next week. In the Justice Department's sentencing memo, prosecutors mention that she tweeted that she's not going to jail because she is white and has blonde hair. 

  • Everyone had a lot of fun with the UT coach's stripper girlfriend monkey story yesterday, including the finding old tweets from the Pole Assassin herself. From a liability standpoint which she might be facing because of her monkey biting a child, this ain't a good one: 

  • An excerpt from the SCOTUSBlog article about the abortion/procedural oral arguments in the Supreme Court on Monday: 

  • According to the Messenger, with the Rhome city secretary resigning this week, that makes the fifth city secretary in Wise County to quite or be forced out since August. That's amazing. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold