Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson ten years ago yesterday. He ended up serving two years of a four year sentence, and wrote a book about the whole ordeal in 2016.

  • Just last week I was talking to someone about how people were all most crushed to death in the concourse area at the Rolling Stones concert at the Cotton Bowl in 1989 but hardly anyone has ever heard about it. Then the exact same thing happened in Houston on Friday night at the Travis Scott concert but with tragic results. The video of this girl pleading with one of the cameramen is chilling. 

    • It's still early in the investigation in Houston, but it appears the people weren't trampled but instead died because their chests got compressed so tightly that their lungs couldn't expand. That's exactly what happened at the The Who show in 1979. We didn't hear much about it, but 21 people died that way at the "Love Parade" music festival in Germany in 2010.
    • Those barriers towards the stage in Houston look pretty stout. 

  • President Biden's $1.9 trillion Infrastructure Bill passed late Friday night and is headed to his desk for signing. With nine Democrats voting against it, it took 16 Republican votes to pass it. Without the GOP members, it would have failed. 

  • Cancun can't survive with publicity like this. "The attorney general’s office for the state of Quintana Roo said in a statement that two men died in a confrontation between 19 to 20 gang members over drug dealing territory that borders the Hyatt Ziva Riviera CancĂșn and the Azul Beach Resort. Another person identified as a hotel guest was hospitalized for a head injury. AP reported 15 attackers arrived by boat in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, wearing ski masks and left the scene on the water." I've walked that stretch of beach.  

  • COVID:
    • Aaron Rodgers is actually weirder than we thought he was. We learned he lied about being vaccinated, took a horse dewormer instead, oddly quoted MLK in his defense, and blamed the "woke mob" for coming after him. And he is flat out making this part up: 

      • I noticed that the State Farm commercials featuring Rodgers noticeably disappeared yesterday. 
    • Ted Cruz got offended by Big Bird on Saturday. 

      • I wonder if Cruz thinks his own comic book qualifies as propaganda directed towards children.

  • On Saturday afternoon, QAnon was at it again:

  • Good lord. Look at that picture and that headline. And if her father is telling the truth, he and his wife lived in the same apartment with the children and were there when the fire broke out at 3:00 a.m.  Prosecutors allege the children were "unattended" and charged the mother who was not at home. 

  • And another: "For the past two years, the identity of the individual to whom the skeletal remains belonged was shrouded in mystery. Genetic material recovered from the site led investigators to some of Seitz's possible relatives; this discovery, which came with the assistance of a private laboratory and the FBI, ultimately helped identify the victim in recent weeks."

  • Bill Belichick fashion on display before yesterday's game. We should all aspire to have that attitude. 

  • The "Steel House" outside of Lubbock is on the market for $1.75 million. I had never heard of it before this weekend.  

  • During the Cowboy stinker yesterday, a blocked punt ended up in a first down for Denver yesterday.  I guess the rule is very simple when you think about it: If a punt goes past the line of scrimmage, it doesn't matter if it was blocked or not. If the receiving team then touches it without recovering it, it's a live ball.  (And the same applies for a field goal that doesn't make it to the end zone: See Leon Lett vs. Packers Dolphins on Thanksgiving back in the day.)

  • Texas Tech will be hiring a Baylor assistant as its next head coach. He's a huge fan favorite in Waco.