Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It was briefly a big deal which got a news helicopter up here. The fire was actually between Boyd and Paradise just north of 114. 

  • The Kyle Rittenhouse trial took a little bit of a twist when prosecutors unveiled a "high definition" footage of the first shooting. See it here.  "A Kenosha detective, Ben Antaramian, testified that authorities learned [earlier that] someone had recorded drone video, which played on Fox News, but were not given a high-definition version until Friday." I didn't hear an explanation for that. (I still don't think Rittenhouse will get convicted of the most serious charges. The State has to eliminate all reasonable doubt that it wasn't self-defense, and I've got that doubt. ) 

  •  QAnon Shaman news from yesterday.
    • What the prosecutors want:

    • The response by the lawyer of the Insurrectionist:

  • This ruling late yesterday giving the National Archives the right to release Trump documents probably doesn't immediately mean much because Trump has already appealed it. But it is interesting because the National Archives has revealed exactly what it is willing to give up unless a court orders otherwise: "White House call logs, video logs and schedules related to January 6 as well as three pages of handwritten notes from Trump's then-chief of staff." Trump is nervous about that. 

  • A secret audio recording of a UT Defensive Line coach Bo Davis going on a profane laced rant directed at the team after the loss to ISU on Saturday was released yesterday afternoon.  I'm guessing that fans of the Longhorns agree with him 100%.

  • If we elect the Dumbest Man in East Texas to be the Texas AG, we deserve everything we get. 

    • And this is great: His website, which was launched exclusively to explore an AG run, has a math problem (as pointed out by the Texas Tribune.)
      Texas Tribune excerpt

      Louie' website

  • Oh, my.

  • He's not kidding. The QAnon people are still there. And they are singing

  • I'm still waiting for a ruling on this case which is on appeal. I wished the court would have released the briefs that were filed, but it didn't.  From December 2020: 

  • But Rodgers added, “But in the end, I have to stay true to who I am and what I’m about and I stand behind the things that I said."  Side note: Why do Rodgers and Pat McAfee look like they both are homeless under a bridge when they get together for every interview?

  • I'm stunned he actually got an interview. This would be a disaster. 

  • I'm a little surprised by this. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold