Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That was actually from February 2011 after the investment banks were bailed out after the mortgage crisis. But, somehow, I ended up being wrong. Inflation turned out to be only a brief blip in 2011. But I stand by my general theory that the government dumping free money into the economy will bring on inflation. Now inflation is today's lead headline, and it comes after 18 months of the government throwing out free money via PPP forgivable loans and COVID stimulus checks. 

  • Rittenhouse observations:
    • I think it was a very smart thing to let the kid testify. Even if a juror or two thought they were crocodile tears, there's at least one which loved him. And one is all you need. (And he may have 12.)

    • Couldn't agree more:

    • The prosecutor is very good, but his cross-exam was awful for one big reason: It was too long.  You get in. Do what damage you can. And get out. 
    • Don't get me wrong: I think Rittenhouse is a punk and dumb arse. But I think he'll be found not guilty because the State cannot prove it wasn't self-defense. It is their burden. 
    • I've been chewed out by a judge before but never like that. Video.
      "Don't you get brazen with me!"

    • The other day I said it was helpful for the defense that Rittenhouse "looks good."  And then I heard someone say yesterday that, "If he had been a black kid with dreadlocks shooting people with an AR-15, he would be found guilty in seconds flat."   I've been doing some soul searching about my earlier statement ever since. What exactly did I mean by he "looks good"?  
    • This really happened. Video.

    • If you think the New York Times is liberal, look at the way they are describing the case yesterday: 

  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think there is a "sexually violent predator" case being tried in Decatur right now. That's a crazy law, passed in 2015, which allows the State to "civilly commit" someone even after they have served every single day of their criminal sentence. The cause number is  CV21-03-136.  Records show that in 1994 the defendant received a 30 year sentence in CR-10291(which is troublesome for me because I would have been the D.A. then, and I don't remember it.) 
  • That's an eventful week:
    • He quits the Fort Worth City Council to run for state rep.

    • Not so fast. (And good job to the Star-Telegram for embedding a pdf of the actual Motion to Revoke within the story. More news stories should do that - or at least provide a link to the actual document discussed.)

  • Look at these indictment figures from yesterday in Wise County:
    • 61 total indictments.
    • 47 of those were for drugs.
    • Of those 47 cases, 41 were for possession.
    • Of those 41 cases, over half were for possession of less than one gram. 
  • A little scare in Bridgeport overnight. Bridgeport PD reported she was found safe at 4 a.m. 

  • His constant announcements of forming a "task force" is always lipstick on a pig. He did the same thing after the El Paso mass shooting and the Big Freeze of 2021. It means nothing.  

  • Finally some teeth. 

  • This statement in the initial press conference in Houston turned out to be absolutely not true, and it was reckless for him to say it. 

    • TMZ was way off. 

  • I don't know who Continental Carbonic Products, Inc is but they announced yesterday they have "decided to build a new liquefied carbon dioxide plant and dry ice production facility in Bridgeport, Texas, with  . . . [a] completion scheduled for early 2024."
  • If you know a veteran from Iraq or Afghanistan, they are probably struggling even more than you know.