Random Friday Morning Thoughts

It's opening weekend of college football. Allow me to reminisce. It turned out OK:

  • Down 105.  Still more of a plateau than a trending decrease. (Somewhat locally, JPS went from 120 to 130 in a single day yesterday.)

  • The news/realization of the Texas Bounty Hunter Abortion Bill has really gone nationwide. It is such a crazy law that people can't believe it is real.  But it is. The government has authorized and incentivized private spies to seek out those who engage in conduct which is still constitutionally protected. It just has such a scary feel to it. 

  • I was curious as to who came up with this idea of having a law enforced by a private mob with $10,000 as a carrot.   A Washington Post article says it was the brainchild of some guy named Jonathon Mitchell who was expressly credited by the author of the bill, Sen. Bryan Hughes. Mitchell wrote a 94 page law review article for the University of Virginia in 2018 and the idea was buried in there (which I found.) 

    • That law review article, oddly enough, is available in pdf format on the official website of the United States Supreme Court of all places at www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/URLs_Cited/OT2017/16-476/16-476-3.pdf . It's there because the article, The Writ-of-Erasure Fallacy, has been cited, according to my top-notch legal research skills, by the Court two times before. That may be a bad sign:

  • Here is Dale Hansen's big sign off from last night if you missed it. 

  • A spare Garland guy who was in debt opened up a half-arse HVAC school after figuring out you could dupe the government into paying for student tuitions from the GI Bill. He was able to con the government out of $72,480,225.03 (!!!) which he is now supposed to somehow pay back after he finishes his to-be-determined prison sentence. But he does have some assets which the government is taking right now. Thieves are historically the dumbest criminals there are. He wasn't exactly keeping his new found wealth on the down-low: 

  • The NFL is siding with the Dirty Libs again this season. 

  • I talked to someone at the Wise County Courthouse yesterday who actually visited the life-size replica of Noah's Arc in  Williamstown, Kentucky. You know which "animals" are the most featured in the re-creation of the inside of the arc? Dinosaurs. "Lots and lots of dinosaurs," I was told. 

  • This is in today's Messenger. That's Chewbacca!

  • Trouble underneath I-30 in Rockwall last night.  I've always thought the way they move those things was a little wild: Just slap some wheels on the back of a beam and hit the road. 
  • If not having a cover charge is "free", I suppose going to Del Frisco's is "free" as well.

  • Random Sports Illustrated cover I came across from August 30, 1970.  Les Shy? Who was running back Les Shy? I looked him up and learned he was cut two weeks later. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 793 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold