Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago, the Aggies had just announced they were leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. The Rice band, who is always doing bits, then clowned on the UT crowd in the first game of the year by spelling out SEC with a dollar sign. I'm guessing the dollar sign was a reference to the amount of money the Aggies were going to make.  

  • We've had three straight days of decreases in hospitalizations. That's a small sample, but every time we've seen that before it has meant that the peak had occurred and we are now on our way down. 

  • That was one slow moving hurricane once it made landfall yesterday morning. I bet reports of today's damage will be wild. And can you imagine being in New Orleans without electricity?

  • But get that selfie.

  • I thought this story sounded familiar. Yep, he was from Fort Worth and attended high tone Country Day High School before going to Ole Miss.  

  • What a weird story. The guy just walked into Plano PD shortly after noon yesterday and started firing. Police shot him but didn't kill him.  

  • Retaliation news:
    • On Friday, we were told that a U.S. drone killed two "high-profile" ISIS-K members with one of them being "associated with potential future attacks at the airport," a US defense official told CNN.  You have a reason to be skeptical.
    • On Sunday a drone strike hit a vehicle headed to the airport and believed to be carrying bombs, but the explosions also wiped out an extended family of 10 innocent civilians including seven children. 

  • I'm no expert on federal civil procedure, but I think it's weird that the 5th Circuit cancelled a hearing in a federal district court which was set to rule on the Texas new restrictive abortion law. Cancel a hearing? Aren't appeals normally after a judge makes a ruling on an issue? 

  • Dateline Milan, Italy: Oh, my.

  • The Decatur-Kennedale football game last Friday may be on of the worst of all time. It first got my attention that Decatur only had 96 yards in total offense, but that was nothing compared to Kennedale only having 40 yards total but still managing to win 21-7.

  • This is a wild story about a high school game shown on ESPN over the weekend involving an absolutely awful team which we now learn doesn't seem to be associated with a high school at all.  Just as weird, they had just played on Friday before the nationally televised game on Sunday. The announcers, who were covering the game plated at the Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio no less, had to apologize for the quality of play. (Video.)  And the questionable team is supposed to play at state ranked Duncanville High School on September 10. Someone is going to get hurt. 

  • Hey, Dominion Voting Systems, you might want to consider suing WBAP's Brian Estridge over his mischaracterization of this AP story this morning at 6:10 a.m.  Also, yuk monkey Stubie Doak added to the misinformation by specifically asking if Dominion would retract its lawsuit against the MyPillow guy.  Dominion doesn't mess around with lies.