Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A stray dog we found 10 years ago stayed with us almost a month before we found it a home. The new owners took it to groomer and sent us the resulting photo. Oh, my.  (That has to be Mrs. LL's caption under the first photo.)

  • Another increase but only by 17 people.

    • Someone suggested to me that the hospitalizations might have leveled off at this point because hospitals are close to capacity and their guidelines as to who they admit has become more stringent. There might be some truth to that.
    • My belief that we might have plateaued has nothing to do with my views on the current state of the virus. It's as bad as ever. It's as dangerous as ever. 

  • Last night, the Supreme Court finally weighed in on the Texas Abortion Bounty Law and let it stand in a 5-4 ruling. But the majority made it clear that it wasn't ruling on the constitutionality of the new Texas law. And, frankly, any challenges to the law before it took effect were probably premature. 
    • Here's the money quote.

    • One of the dissents was not having it. It may be a procedural issue for now, but handling it this way lets an obviously unconstitutional law go into effect. 
    • The whole matter can quickly make its way back to them by having someone actually sue someone else for the $10,000 vigilante fee authorized by the statute. That's already being planned (even by those who oppose the law so they can have a legal vehicle to utilize.)
    • The Supreme Court will basically rule on the merits next June when it decides a pending Mississippi case. A new Texas case might join it and get consolidated with it this fall. 
    • Do I think the court will overrule Roe v. Wade? Probably. As amazing it as it sounds, Donald Trump is completely responsible for this. 

  • I told you I wouldn't be surprised by this result. This was a major screw-up by the officer. Either she made a fireable mistake if she thought she smelled alcohol or she made an arrest believing medication or drugs were involved when she was absolutely not qualified to make that determination. 

    • I heard Dallas union chief Mike Mata defend the officer on WBAP yesterday afternoon. He's a horrible advocate. 

      • He said the case wasn't "about guilt or innocence" but about "procedure". Tell that to anyone who has been wrongfully arrested.
      • He said the officer had "reasonable suspicion" to arrest her. Yep, he actually said that. A high school student knows the standard is probable cause.
      • He also said, "And remember there was a child in the car. If the officer thought it was possible she was intoxicated, she can't let her drive down the road and then get in the accident." Once again, "possible" isn't the standard. It's probable cause. 
    • Angela West's lawyer writes like Trump used to tweet. Lots of CAPS. Lots of exclamation points!!!

  • In one hour last night, Hurricane Ida dumped three inches of rain on Central Park in New York. The National Weather Service, for the first time ever, issued a flash flood warning for the area.

  • From the Washington Post. This crap happens all the time. It's legalized theft by the government. 

  • A few weeks ago, I had a note about a shooting in Sundance Square in Fort Worth which I thought go almost no publicity. Well, The Ticket had the victim on yesterday and he described what happened.  (Funny guy by the way.) His recovery is slow. An original Facebook post from a friend described what happened but it contains one error: He was shot eight times and not five. 

  • The Aggies gave their football coach a contract extension. In 1982, everyone went absolutely nuts when they made new head coach Jackie Sherrill the highest paid coach in America with a salary of $280,000 a year

  • Earlier this week I mentioned that a Colleyville principal was suspended for "promoting" Critical Race Theory (as the hoopleheads define it.)  Well I had forgotten that the man got in "trouble" before. The district asked him remove a photo that he had posted on Facebook showing him and his wife after someone complained. The photo is below. This is 2021, isn't it? 

  • Ohio State plays at Minnesota tonight and it's on prime time Fox.