Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The news broke a decade ago that the Aggies might be headed to the SEC.   

  • The troubles of the Decatur ISD school board have made the home page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this morning. The article also reproduced all 123 pages of the records obtained from the ISD through an open records request -- with the most relevant ones so far being withheld by the school because they would be "embarrassing".

  • I'm hearing a worker was killed on the premises of Martin-Marietta in Chico last week in the morning hours after he was hit by an 18 wheeler which allegedly did not stop. (In looking at the jail list this morning, I saw a Fort Worth man was booked in yesterday afternoon for "Accident Involving Death" for an offense on 8/3/21. I'm not sure if it is related.)
  • COVID quick hits:
    • New number for August 9th is 9,462. No signs of slowing down. 

    • Dallas ISD thumbs its nose at Gov. Abbott.

    • As does Austin ISD. 

    • Dallas County challenges him in court. 

    • He thought this would be a good idea to post on Friday. He literally fiddles while Texas burns. 

    • They always told us this is exactly what one of the consequences would be. 

    • It was a making of his own device.

    • Crazy football coach Lane Kiffin, of all people, is now leading the way.

    • What's the term? "Snowflakes"?

  • This is the third arrest in Tarrant County this year for this strange phenomenon after having a couple of very high profile cases involving it during the last couple of years. Weird. 
  • The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill will pass the Senate today with John Cornyn voting for it and Ted Cruz, assuming he's not in Cancun, voting against it. You don't see that very often. (Side note: I bet Cornyn can't stand Cruz.) 

  • They should give me a nicely framed certificate for propping up their brand over all these years. Or a least a Dilly Bar. 

  • Legal nerd stuff out of the Fifth Circuit yesterday: Things like this makes civil lawyers break out into a cold sweat.

  • Very nerdy legal stuff: I stumbled upon the fact that in Georgia, a criminal defense lawyer can't talk about the burden of proof or presumption of innocense in voir dire. That's absolutely insane to me.  How many states are like that? 

  • Also insane: The Ticket had a segment this morning on whether Tony Romo should be in the Hall of Fame now that he is eligible.  The answer is absolutely "no", and it's not even a close call. I wouldn't even put him in the Cowboys' Ring of Honor.