Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The Messenger was doing features on interesting people in Wise County back than and wrote one on Jim Marrs.  When I was re-watching the crazy "JFK" movie the other day, his name prominently showed up in the opening credits.    (I had highlighted the "all tell" in the story because there's no way that's true.) He died in 2017.

  • Last summer's peak was 10,893.

  • Clay Jenkins new county order is the biggest defiance of Gov. Abbott's edict yet because it's not a another governmental entity (like a school) telling the governor that they will require masks on its own government premises. Nope, it's a local governmental entity telling a private business to require masks. I'm actually torn when it goes that far. 

  • This is dumb. It isn't at all like Wendy Davis successfully running out the last 13 hours of the clock back in 2013. Right now there's still 25 days left in the current special session.

  • What a weird "official" update from the Cowboys.

  • You have to be ridiculously sloppy in data transfer in order for this to happen. If I had to guess, I bet its video files (bodycam and dashcams) and phone dumps that comprise the majority of the lost data.

  • The QAnon nuts always look normal.  And the story is as crazy as the headline. He also bought into the Illuminati stuff as well.  

  • I normally ignore Trump these days as he slips towards irrelevance, but this statement yesterday is really insane. He loved January 6th and thought it was justified (see use of the word "murdered). He wants a race war (see use of the worth "other side" in quotes no less). He wants another insurrection (see use of the words "cannot be allowed").  . And the chilling statement of "We know who is" invokes images of Hitler's night of the long knives. He was never good at hiding his Nazi tendencies, and he's not getting any better. 

  • I still predict some weird background information between the suspect and those in the victim's home is going to come out.  But so far I've heard nothing new. 

  • The Taliban has basically created a large circle around Kabul and there's a 100% chance it will be taken. Thus, it looks like we can officially update Bill Murray's line in Stripes where he tells his cohorts that we've been kicking arse for 200 years and we are "10 and 1."  Now make that a "2". (It really is amazing that that both the powerful Soviet Union and the United States have invaded a country full of nothing and can't hold it.) 

  • Sure they had to tear up a few pages where Tennessee took up arms against the United States because they were more faithful to money derived from slave trade but, you know, "exceptionalism" is relative. 

  • I repeat it again: Field of Dreams has a horrible conclusion and moral lesson. Let's take a magical place and turn it into an amusement park with a paid admission. I would be hard to write something worse. 

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  • Why was the interim school superintendent for Decatur ISD openly bad mouthing the Messenger at the convocation? Isn't it normally the job on interims to calm the waters and steer the ship forward?