Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The new Census data will actually be released tomorrow at noon so we'll find out. (Side note: That last
sentence in the old bullet point could have been worded much better.)   

  • I mentioned that the crazy actions of the majority of the Decatur School Board made the home page of the Star-Telegram yesterday. This morning, the story moves to the actual front page of the paper edition.  (Ms. Wren, who has an expression shared by many of you, is probably wondering why her picture ended up with the story when she hasn't voted for any of the controversial moves.) 

  • I was right about the Martin Marietta hit-and-run death in Chico which I mentioned yesterday. It's the top story in the Messenger today. 
  • The new number will be 10,041 for August 9th. We are going to smash the first surge top number, and last summer's all time peak is certainly not out of the question.   

  • Local impact.

  • The ISDs in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Dallas are all ignoring Gov. Abbott's "no mask" edict. 
  • Another Trump Insurrectionist from the Metroplex has been identified, but how they caught him is pretty interesting. 

  • Breaking Baylor news.  This has to be only the mildest sanctions after all the time that has passed, right? (And some of you are trying to remember what it was they did.)

  • Dateline: Waco. All of these cases are due to prosecutors filing the cases first before taking a real hard look at the evidence. It's a policy of "file first, ask questions later" which is all too common.

  • Link

  • This one is pretty interesting. The crowd is pretty loud outside and maybe that factored in on the owner/manager not seating them upon their second request, but the dress code excuse doesn't cut it after they exercised a little ingenuity. Instagram video.

  • Surprise change from yesterday: Sen. Cornyn voted against, not for, the infrastructure bill. There were 19 Republican senators voting for it, but he wasn't one of them.
  • Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys episode 1 mini-review: Pretty entertaining when it catches the audio of the reactions to Dak's minor (or major?) shoulder injury, I could watch Jerry all day long, Zeke is as dumb as a box of rocks, and there's way too much staged "comedy" (Zeke wrapping a present or stealing a bike should have been left on the cutting room floor). Oh, yeah, and the whole thing still has an NFL propaganda piece feel to it. 
  • I'm always looking out for how the new rule allowing college players to be paid for their name, image and likeness is going to play out, and we've got a pretty big deal announced this morning. (Unfortunately, Dr. Pepper didn't tell us what they were paying him.) But what a recruiting tool this is. "Hey, Mr. High School QB, the last guy that started for us got a check from Dr. Pepper for [$x] for just one day's work."

  • Well, I guess there are some things you can't ride out after all. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold