Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This was the forecast for the week of August 7th in 2011. If it had come true, we would have broken the 1980 record for most consecutive days of 100 degrees or over which stood at 42 days. (I don't remember it being that hot.)  But turns out something went really amiss on Thursday -- a bizarre thunderstorm blew through -- and we topped out at 99 degrees ending the streak at 41. 

  • I had to get my graphics department to modify the chart because the source hasn't been updated with the most recent data.

    • It's a full scale outbreak and emergency situation, but this week Decatur schools open back up while the State of Texas has banned any school district from taking any action to prevent the spread. People are going to die. 
    • Gov. Abbott's transformation is mind blowing. He didn't go from a Mask Mandate guy to Neutral Opting For Local Control guy. Nope, he went from Mask Mandate, blew by Neutral, and went right to State Edicts Upon High guy.  The far right beat him senseless after the Shelly Luther fiasco, and he turned into a pile of mush. 
    • But some conservatives understand conservatism.

    • Meanwhile, in Sturgis. This should be the first panel in a "How it started" meme. 

    • Remember the vocal Texas GOP anti-vaxxing official who died last week from COVID? He has a GoFundMe page for funeral and medical expenses. Someone dug up this from him:

  • Trump asking the Justice Department to steal the election after he lost -- and the Justice Department telling him to take a hike --  is the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified about it all last Thursday. And he didn't wait for a book deal or a subpoena to do it. This should be front page news across the country. And remember that we had an acting AG in the first place because Bill Barr abruptly quit in the middle of this attempted coup.

  • Told ya. When the New York Times reached out to the Sheriff's department, it said the two deputies involved were on "vacation." Riiiggght. 

  • I can't let this item from the Update on Friday going by without pointing it out. That's throwing some fire! 

  • I bought into this yesterday (listen as it happened), but I'm really tapping the brakes now. The Rockies mascot is named "Dinger", and I think they guy was yelling at him.  And video evidence backs that up

  • A federal judge has ruled Baylor must hand-over the famous and secretive "Pepper-Hamilton report" because the school's lawyers screwed up. Baylor wanted to then amend its pleadings to fix the the blunder, but the judge said no.

  • The guy had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.075 at the time of the test.  The prosecutor finally got around to asking the chemist on the second day of trial if she could say the man was 0.08 or greater at the time of driving which is what the State has to prove. Side note: That's something you want to do before trial. The chemist told him he couldn't possibly do that with the information he had.  Story.

  • If you missed Rangers' Brock Holt throw a 31.1 mph strike over the weekend, here you go. You can watch all of his three outs here

  • If I have one more thing break this summer, I'm running off to the jungle in Costa Rica. Anyone got an extra brand new 3 ton a/c coil laying around?