Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It was a big June storm on June 21, 2011 which blew off a roof of some condos in Runaway Bay. It was the lead story on almost all of the metroplex news stations.    They even sent a helicopter out.

  • Man on the Run: Day 11. He's Wise County's own Houdini.

  • I feel for the Messenger some weeks because there's just not that much news to print. Not so today. They've got three great front page stories. One involves the Decatur coach firing fiasco, the other is about how the Boyd School Board got caught off guard when a coach they voted to hire abruptly said, "No thanks," and the third one concerns complaints about the Bridgeport school superintendent. We've got School Board Chaos all over Wise County. 
    • You can't read the Decatur coach story without wondering if there was an Open Meetings violation. I'm not saying there was one, but School Board president Thomas Houchin's attempted explanation as to why there was no discussion in open session as requested by Fuller's lawyer, raises all sorts of red flags that deserve answers. 
  • How many 11 man high school football teams are there in Texas? Current open coaching vacancies:

  • The Sixth Street Shooting in Austin took a turn yesterday when the cops announced they arrested the wrong people. 

  • Marijuana news - compare and contrast:
    • Nineteenth state:

    • Meanwhile, in Texas, we put an NBA player in a cage because he had a little bit of weed in a grinder. (To make it worse, it was the Aggie Police who got him.)

  • The Dallas Observer has a story on a new BBQ joint in Jacksboro.  It's God inspired. 

  • White people protesting over Critical Race Theory that they don't remotely understand and which isn't even being taught is very 2021. There was a big march in Fort Worth yesterday. 

  • Big day for the Official Liberally Lean Girl.

  • When a grand jury doesn't indict someone, 99 out of 100 times it means the D.A. told them to not indict the person. Grand juries are kind of like "executive session" for prosecutors when they want to get rid of a case. 

  • This is a wild story that Dateline would have a hard time keeping to an hour episode. The wife and son of an assistant DA were gunned down outside there home, but the case has all sorts of cryptic tentacles. The now dead son was awaiting trial on a Boating Intoxication charge that resulted in death, and now somehow investigators think the murders might be related to and a 2015 case where another teenager was found dead on a county road.  It's a mess.

  • If you didn't see the Suns beat the Clippers on an in-bound alley-oop pass with 0.09 seconds left last night, here ya go

  • Messenger: Above the Fold