Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I guess I went to P.F. Changs for Father's Day ten years ago.   

  • On The Run: Day 9. Hey, I won't keep this up forever, but his escape is really amazing. 

  • Incredibly, in a 4-2 vote on Friday afternoon, the Decatur School Board forced the resignation of AD and Head Football Coach Mike Fuller.
    Star-Telegram headline

    • The meeting started off with a bombshell with Trustee Jennifer Wren, who could not be in attendance, had a letter read objecting to the meeting taking place. But the Big Reveal was in the first paragraph where it was disclosed that that Board President Thomas Houchin had already approached Dr. Joseph Coburn and "ordered" him to reassign Fuller without Board approval or discussion. Oh, my!

    • Then a letter in support of Fuller was presented signed by "all coaches" in the Decatur system. (How are they feeling this morning? The ultimate vote to remove Fuller was a clear message that their opinions and concerns did not matter.)

    • And then there was a veritable Who's Who of Decatur folks, from former mayor Martin Woodruff to Andrew Rottner, who spoke in favor of Fuller during the public forum. 
    • When the Board tried to go in executive session, Fuller's attorney requested that any discussion occur in public. Despite Fuller having this legal right, the Board seemingly ignored the Government Code and went into secret discussions anyway. 
    • And despite all of the support for a coach with an outstanding record, the school board voted to wastefully write an enormous taxpayer check to get rid of him.(The spending of government funds like a drunken sailor isn't getting enough play in all of this mess.)
    • What a disaster. It may very well take years for Decatur ISD to recover. What coach will want to come here when it requires them to rely upon a promise of a  school board which has proven it is nothing less than bi-polar? And what current coach feels particularly comfortable in staying? Which one of them isn't thinking, "Are they coming for me next?"
    • And who fires a football coach with less than seven weeks before the season starts? There's a reason that is never done. There is a reason bulls aren't allowed in china shops, too. 
    • This was all so bizarre that it caught the attention of others. I noticed that it was even being watched Friday on Twitter by the lead high school writer for Dave Campbell's Texas Football. The comments to his observations were telling. 
  • We are so back woods: Gov. Abbott vetoed a bill which restricted the admissibility of testimony induced by hypnosis. 
  • Good grief. 

  • Mark Cuban is not even a good conman. Anyone seriously falling for this stunt?

  • Former Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley went all anti-vaxxer.

  • If you are looking for an Olympic "character", we've got a good one. 

  • It's a case involving civil procedure which I don't understand, but the Texas Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a case arising out of an oilfield accident in 2017 near Bridgeport. I don't think I've ever heard about the incident. (The case has been docketed as cause no. 20-0505 and styled In Re Eagleridge Operating, LLC is you are interested in stuff like this.)

  • Mississippi Burning fact for the day:

  • Random 13,917-square-foot Southlake house for sell in Southlake. "The home at 1161 La Mirada is on the market for $5,000,000."

  • I watched all of Mare of Easttown. Verdict: Slight one thumb up. (For those who've seen it, are we just going to sweep under the rug Mare's little transgression regarding evidence handling? Uh, that's kind of a big deal.)
  • I finally finished The Sopranos. It's everything you boys said it would be.