Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Hey, when's the last time we've had any Masonic Lodge news? Side note: If you look at any downtown Texas town which was built around 1900-1920 and you'll find a prominent Masonic Lodge building. They were big players. And they are still big players in Amarillo which got my attention so much a couple of years ago that I took this photo. 

  • Day 10: He's Wise County's own D.B. Cooper. 

  • Oh, my! Dave Campell's Texas Football with some breaking Wise County news this morning as someone has said "no thanks" to the Boyd High School football head coaching job. Earlier this month, Boyd coach Brandon Hopkins announced he was "stepping back" and wouldn't coach football this fall. The school's in a bind. And it just got worse. 

  • In more positive Boyd news, this was a pretty big spread in the Star-Telegram. 

  • The NCAA lost big at the Supreme Court yesterday, 9-0, but Justice Kavanaugh's overreaching concurrence (no one joined him) was a little over the top.  He might as well have said "let's ban the NCAA". He might be right, but it was a far cry from the legal doctrine of "let's only decide the issue before us.":

    • You can tell he's a high tone Northeasterner since he threw "lacrosse championships on Memorial Day" into that list.
  • Las Vegas Raider Carl Nassib came out as gay yesterday --  the first active NFL player to do so. I'm not sure that's news, but I'll always remember him from Hard Knocks where he tried to act like a financial genius but actually revealed he believed you can earn 10% interest by just "putting your money in a bank."

  • We've still got the foul mouthed cheerleader case to be decided by the Supreme Court. The term will end either July 1st or July 2nd so it will be released before then. I think she'll win. 

  • WFAA gives the detail that he hit a house. For what it is worth, here's the Google Street view of the area in Lantana in Denton County. 

  • There was a California federal judge who raised eyebrows last month when he wrote, as he struck down California's AR-15 ban, that the weapons were the same thing as a "Swiss Army knife."   The Ninth Circuit put his ruling on hold yesterday.
  • This won't be a campaign fundraiser. The money will go directly into Trump's and O'Reilly's pockets. 

  • Just a standard campaign pic that no one bats an eye at in 2021.

  • This was "politically survivable."  It's been my belief that darn near anything is politically survivable these days, and Trump proved that with everything from the "grab 'em by" comment to the Stormy Daniels payoff.  The days of a Gary Hart or John Edwards type scandal are over. And the days of a John Howard Dean scream ruining a guy seem like they are from a different planet. 

  • This New York Times story was under the radar yesterday although the Star-Telegram did mention it today. 

  • It was a slow day for front pages, but these random dueling headlines in Alabama got my attention . . .