Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

And he actually died shortly thereafter.  A few months earlier, he had run into a bit of trouble:

  • The Internet broke this morning, but it seems to be up and running again.

  • This is really horrifying and about as far from conservatism as you can get. “Patriotic education” mandated by the government isn’t education; it’s propaganda.  

  • Will the "1836 Project" teach that:
    • Every person coming to Texas for land had to swear their allegiance to Mexico and to convert to Catholicism because Texas was, after all, Mexican territory? 
    • That immigrants who made that promise turned around and broke it and then took up arms against Mexico because Mexico didn't allow slaves? 
    • That completely broke and unable to fend for themselves, the Republic of Texas begged the United States to annex them only to take up arms against our country 16 years later in the Civil War?
    • That the first Constitution of Texas specifically legalized slavery? (Art. 8 Section 1.)
    • That Texans stole land and slaughtered the Comanches and Kiowas? 
    • What about the Lynching of Jesse Washington in Waco? The Slocum Massacre? The Lynching of Henry Smith in Paris?
    • No. Little Johnny will only be given a "Patriotic Education." 
  • And he's flat out lying below.  No, the law does not prohibit "any business" from requiring a "vaccine passport." Private businesses can require it all they want. It only applies to the very few businesses with state contracts. This is very Trumpesque of him.

  • The FBI recovered millions of dollars of money extorted via ransomware from Colonial Pipeline? I'm skeptical about this. You just don't "have" an address of a Bitcoin account. 
    (And that's not how you spell affidavit)

  • What a team! The "Grab 'em by the P" guy joins forces with a guy who harassed women so badly that even Fox News fired him and then had to pay the victims $32 million.  They will be in Dallas on December 19th when mistletoe will be abundant.

  • This resignation is a little weird. She only had 18 months left on her term.  

  • Wise County seems to have settled in with 1 in 4 of us fully vaccinated

  • Mint Dentistry has leased all 14,000 square feet of the very top floor of the Green Monster in Dallas.  The article, sadly, didn't give a price tag.

  • As an afterthought, I thought I'd look at the Mint Dentistry website. Oh, my.  Their office could be a TV series like Nip/Tuck only with dentists. 

  • Thamel is pretty reliable. "A pair of CFP meetings are expected to decide a specific recommendation, with a final decision, details and television contract determined later in the fall." Link.

    • Interesting:

  • A Fort Worth police officer got in a foot chase yesterday and left his car on the railroad tracks. A train came by and hit it. (You can click on the link if you want, but that's basically the whole story. No pictures.)