Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Another story lost to history.  A tip by a self-professed psychic that bodies were buried at a farm caused the Liberty County (Texas) Sheriff's Office to go crazy and search the property. It made national news. Of course, nothing was found.  The craziest part of the story was what was really buried: A judge granted a search warrant based upon the psychic tip.  Amazing. 

  •  Public postings on Facebook are expressing concern for a missing lady out of Boyd.  She's the niece of former Ticket host Greg "The Hammer" Williams. (Thanks to a faithful reader for pointing this out.)

  • I'm hearing the Decatur School Board, or at least one person on the Board, has a high profile employee in his/her figurative cross-hairs. 
  • This, posted yesterday, is from the service road off southbound I-35 leaving Denton at the Robson Ranch exit. 

  • Good. That's inexcusable for any health care worker. 
  • Watch: A Pittsburg Pirate has a home run taken away from him last night because he didn't touch first. 

    • Someone had a great thought about the requirement of the well established rule requiring the batter to run the bases after a home run: If that rule were to be invented today, we would never go for it. After all, what's more disrespectful to the pitcher after a home run? A bat flip or having the batter run a slow and leisurely complete circle around him? 
  • Somewhere along the line, U.S. Attorneys turned into TMZ with the way they promote themselves. In this case, the defendant skated for Slovenia, in one event, in 1992. Yet we get this sensationalized tweet:

  • While most of us are at work, Fox News is going hard during the day. Video. Note: He says that these "people" -- not the jobs -- aren't worth $15 an hour.  

  • Legal nerd stuff in increasing levels of nerdiness:
    • Watch an appellate lawyer realize he is arguing the wrong case before three judges.  The judges are incredible nice to him, but the lawyer revealed a bit of sorriness regarding his character because he blamed the screw up on his staff  -- twice. Don't do that.  (The good stuff starts at the 4:00 mark.)

    • Check out this footnote in a dissenting opinion issued yesterday in a Texas case. This Q and A is taken from the testimony of a state's DNA expert. Oh, my. 
    • Very legal nerd stuff for criminal practitioners only: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday, which never takes any public action on a Monday, granted a PDR on a case where a trial judge refused to grant a PR bond for a defendant who had been in jail for 90 days without an indictment. Instead he reduced the bond to $1.5 million. Under the law, the judge had to either grant a PR bond or reduce the bond to any amount a defendant can "afford." 
  • Lockheed Martin acknowledged that 1,024 of its employees have gone through training courses to bring awareness to White male culture. That should get some people riled up. 

  • An image of Tank Man, which long time readers know I'm a big fan of, was blocked by Microsoft's Bing internet search engine on Friday -- the anniversary of the event. Microsoft blamed "human error." 

  • The Aggies just stole TCU's very, very good baseball coach. He had been with the Frogs for 18 years.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold