Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I don't know whether to second guess my 90% number or not.  The 'whodunit" cases are almost always theft/burglary cases. 

  • Here's the reason for the rain and thunder rolling through Wise County this morning. At 7:02 a.m.:

  • It is an "11-minute flight that'll reach more than 60 miles above Earth." Still sounds crazy to me. 

  • Jon Rahm was leading the Memorial golf tournament by six strokes after the third round but had to withdraw after testing positive for COVID-19. His pay day would have been $1.7 million. He chose not to be vaccinated, so it is hard to feel sorry for the guy. 

  • It was announced on Friday, Donald Trump was suspended from Facebook for another two years. On Saturday, his pants became big news. 

  • A Florida woman, 53, trashed an Outback Steakhouse. The video is a little NSFW but, to her credit, that's a healthy 53. 

  • An El Paso mom posted a 12 minute "short and simple" "explanation" on Youtube trying to explain why she posed as a her middle school daughter. Within 30 seconds, I felt sorry for her husband because she is unbearable. I think I'd rather hang out with the Outback Naked Lady. 

  • The Aggies make the cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football.

  • The Dallas Morning News editorial board is living in Fantasyland if they believe this

  • I asked on Friday why an Edgewood police car was being used by an "off duty" Edgewood police officer to work a construction job on LBJ which was involved in a big wreck. A faithful reader says if you look closely that it may not be an Edgewood police car at all -- that many off duty officers are just driving cars which simply read "Police" on them.  But here it is hard to tell. 

  • I made reference the other day that I was reading a Texas Rangers book and gave it two big thumbs up. The author emailed me afterwards to say he's been a Liberally Lean reader for years even though he now lives in Pennsylvania! 

  • Legal kind of nerdy stuff: What price would you pay if during an appellate argument on Zoom an attorney "raised his middle finger to the camera" as opposing counsel was speaking? In Michigan we have an answer. (Spoiler alert: It's $3,000).
  • Legal nerd stuff:  A Trump federal judge is raising eyebrows with his opinion striking down California's ban on AR-15s. (And the next sentence's use of "Even if" is a a little nutty as well.)

  • I just mentioned him last week and noted that the "best I can tell, he's been out of the news since 2016." I spoke too soon

  • I told you the the World Series of College Softball was big entertainment, and I stand by that. They are down to the final four with two elimination games today. Unranked James Madison plays OU today at 3:00 p.m. (that's way too early) and Florida State takes on Alabama after 6:00 p.m.  And this play on Saturday by the James Madison pitcher against OSU was an "Oh, my":

  • I haven't mentioned the Mavericks during the playoffs because I don't care about the NBA.  And there's hard to find a more unlikeable trifecta of humans than Carlisle, Cuban and Doncic (yeah, he's great, but that constant whining during the regular season is over the top.)  And I bet Doncic gets away from those two as soon as possible.