Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The player was Johnathan Taylor out of the University of Georgia who suffered a neck injury in a head-to-head collision with teammate in March earlier that year.   He is still in a wheelchair. 

  • Breaking. That retirement didn't last long. If the Republicans were smart, they would fall in line behind her to guarantee that crazy Tim O'Hare doesn't win.

  • There was a jury panel called in for a felony trial in Decatur this week,  and I heard that the number of people that showed up was abysmal. Something like 40 out of the 200 who were called. (I need to double verify this.) 
  • There is a 100% chance that nothing will become of this.  If Paxton had dressed up in face paint and put on Viking horns and stormed the Capitol building on January 6th, the State Bar still wouldn't raise a finger.  

  • They finally charged the guy with capital murder. And I still think there will be a weird revelation in this case at some point. 

  • TCU is woke.

  • I really don't understand the purpose of this article yesterday. Even if you have a secret kid (confirmed by DNA and quietly acknowledged by Charlie Pride for years), you still get to cut him out of the will if you want to. 

  • It was right about one year ago when we had that strange summer COVID surge. That was the weirdest part of the whole ordeal. 

  • Bad cop: So he detains the lady after an auto crash, goes through her phone, find some risquĂ© pictures of her, and then texts them to himself. How those actions were discovered is pretty interesting. Although he deleted the texts to himself from her phone, the iPhone was synced up to her home iMac and she saw the deleted text messages later. 

  • OU and Florida State meet today in the softball College World Series for a winner-take-all game. Game 1 had 1.86 million viewers which was up 37% from 2019.  So why on God's green Earth are they playing today at 2:00 p.m. instead of prime time?!
    From last night's game. There's a ball in that glove already.

  • Random graphic of schools losing football players to the very hiply named Transfer Portal.

  • Very random observations about 287 in between Rhome and I-35:
    • That North Star residential entrance is well done. There's eventually going to be 2,200 homes in there. (It's right on the county line but I'm not sure any of it is in Wise County. That's probably no accident.) 
    • There are two huge churches being built which will add to the ton of churches which have popped up along the freeway over the last five years. And none of them are traditional Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc. 
    • That is one huge apartment complex which is sandwiched in way too tightly in between Dickies and big self-storage facility. 
    • I know Wise County people who will go to the huge Walmart at the Saginaw cutoff area before they will go to the Decatur Walmart.
    • I still think Eaton High School looks like a sports complex instead of a school.
    • How much that stretch of highway has changed. Anyone remember when the only sign of life was Jeterville? (Which reminds me that I once received an email from the son of the owners of Jeterville when he described how in 1977, when he just happened to be at the store while just a boy, a bus pulled up for gas and snacks. It turned out that it was carrying Fleetwood Mac. It is reprinted here, and it's first person account of the experience is really great. Spoiler: He got kissed on the forehead by Stevie Nix.)
  • Long term Southern Baptists will have a hard time learning they've changed the name of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to Texas Baptist College.