Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I still think about that moment all the time, and I'm not sure why.  And I don't think 
I ever saw the man again. Weird.

  • Announced at 8:00 a.m. by Facebook: The decision on the indefinite suspension of Trump's account.  You know, despite all the instant headlines saying the ban of Trump was "upheld", I think that this is really a Trump win. The Board called the decision "arbitrary" and ruled that Facebook must reassess the decision within six months to come up with an "appropriate penalty."  

  • Even Fox News got it wrong. 

  • Ted Cruz went to Florida. (Flashback to when he called Trump a "sniveling coward".) 

  • The Texas Senate might vote on the open/concealed carry without a license bill today. It has already passed the House, and Abbott says he would sign it. 

  • The Texas House, in another top priority, also passed a bill allowing alcohol sales at hotel bars at any time of the day or night. 

  • A bill that criminalizes abortion after six weeks passed the Texas Senate yesterday despite its dubious constitutionality. The oddest part of it is that it allows "any person" to sue "any person" who "aids or abets" in the abortion (which could include providing emotional support to a friend). 

  • After yesterday's post, a faithful reader and former famous Fox 4 reporter alerted me to the whereabouts of Becky Oliver: She's a real estate agent selling high end homes in Dallas. 

  • The Dallas Mavericks are trying to introduce this character as a mascot but it seems to be a flop. Who could have predicted that? (Mark Cuban thought that it would be a good way to attract "Gen Z.") 

  • I had never seen this until two days ago, and  I agree that it might very well be the worst scene in the history of television. 

  • Baylor hired a new women's basketball coach, but I'd feel more comfortable about her if she didn't get off the private plane looking like she just rolled out of bed. 

  • Compare and contrast Kim Mulkey arriving at LSU:

  • "The Eyes of Texas" controversy is continuing at the Evil Empire

  • Messenger: Above the Fold
  • The growing use of running DNA samples through commercial testing companies available to the public solves another cold case: