Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I was also big on predicting that there would be a lot of conspiracy theories about Bin Laden's death since the U.S. immediately buried him at sea and never released a photo of the body.  That never really panned out, and I'm not sure why.    

  • Big changes in Bridgeport politics as three candidates for the city council (who just happen to be female) knocked off three male incumbents. 

  • I told you that the Tarrant County ME's office would be cleaned out due to the recent scandal. On Friday, we learned that long-time ME Dr. Nazim Peerwani would retire.

  • Feel bad for restaurants and bars during the pandemic? Hold that thought. There's a massive restaurant financial bailout which has just started. As I understand it, the government will write a check for all of a restaurant's lost revenue in 2020 when compared with 2019 no need to pay the money back. Note: We are talking about lost gross revenue and not lost net income. What a deal.  The only requirement is that the money has to be used on the following expenses by March 11, 2023. The max is $5 million per location (with a $10 million max.) 

  • Rep. Ron Wright's widow, Susan Wright, made the runoff on Saturday for Texas Congressional District 6. On Friday, there were reports of a "robocall" sent out of accusing her of murdering her husband (he died of COVID.) I'm suspicious about this. Listen

  • QAnon showed up at a Keller polling place on Saturday.

  • Fox and Friends reporting this morning on "anti-woke parents" winning positions on the Southlake School Board. The candidates opposed "diversity training."  Video

  • I find this to be mind-boggling. 

  • I'm feeling really good about my prediction that Texas won't crack over 40% being fully vaccinated. And this graph is about to flatline. 

  • As controversial (?) as the Texas bill is for allowing for concealed/open carry without a license, think about this: The bill just puts handguns on par with an AR-15 which can already be carried without a license.  Most recent poll on the issue: 

  • Postcard of the Wise County Courthouse that County Judge J.D. Clark located. I'll ballpark it in the very early 1960s.

  • I heard that the ballpark in Arlington doesn't take cash for concessions and, for those who forgot their debit or credit card, there are machines available which convert cash into instant debit cards. Question: Are the cards good outside the stadium just like cash? If not, is everyone just eating the balance left on the card at the end of the game -- something that will happen every single time?