Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Not that big a story, but it reminded me of how Becky Oliver was confronting unsuspecting Lockheed workers ten years ago. If you wonder where she has been, she retired in 2015.  

  • Yesterday, as part of the Wise County Courthouse restoration project, core soil samples were taken. The last report I got was that they had discovered that the building, built in 1895, was sitting on about four inches of concrete followed by another four inches of brick underneath it and then another layer of concrete underneath it. I'll try to get the exact details today. 
  • The storms yesterday at 5:00 p.m. split the county into. The west half was sunny while the east side looked like the Wrath of God was about to be unleashed. 
  • This is a wild story out of DeSoto that broke late last week. A 19 year old was murdered and during a "balloon release" in his memory, his brother flat out executed a 22 year old who he believed was the murderer. It turns out he was wrong. The rumors about the 22 year old being the killer were just false rumors online. 

  • She's the most honorable Republican in the country.

  • This story is making the rounds today but the juror attended a rally in D.C.  But his questionnaire only asked if he had attended a rally in Minneapolis, so the juror didn't lie. Amazingly, no lawyer asked about attending rallies elsewhere.

  • The COVID economic recession is over. In March, Texas consumers paid $3.4 billion in sales tax. That is an all time monthly record.  But I suppose the stimulus checks might have had something to do with that. 
  • Of course they did.

  • I listened to WBAP yesterday afternoon where the fill-in host Brad Staggs (who is dumber than a box of rocks) took calls as to why they weren't getting the vaccine. The responses were jaw-dropping. And I'll say it again: Beware of anyone who announces "I did my own research online." 

  • He gets no sympathy from me. Story.

  • The Granbury mayor was arrested a couple of weeks ago for DWI, but now they have discovered he has two prior convictions that make the case a felony offense instead of a misdemeanor.

    • The cops actually got a new arrest warrant for him which was absolutely unnecessary.
    • From the story, it looks like one of those prior convictions might have been deferred adjudication out of Missouri which, if true, should knock the case back down to a misdemeanor.
    • Very, very nerdy legal point: Texas, for offenses on or after 9/1/19, allows deferred adjudication in DWI cases but specifically says they still count as "convictions" which can be used for enhancement in the future. So do out of state deferreds now count as convictions for enhancement purposes? I don't think so from my reading of section 49.09.
  • The Bidens and The Carters. I've got to tell you, something about the perspective in this photo isn't right.

  • Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years. (Uh, what's up girl?) In all seriousness, that's both sad yet, dare I say, inspiring. After all that time to decide both of them aren't happy and be willing to mutually walk away takes quite a bit of bravery. Most people would just ride it out in misery. 

  • Legal nerd stuff #2: Want to hear a complete appellate oral argument in federal court that lasts only three minutes and where one of the lawyer says "Are you serious, judge?" and, sarcastically, "I see that you read the briefs thoroughly" before being escorted out of the courtroom? The lawyer was later disciplined.