Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Ended up playing for nine years which is a lifetime for an NFL player. The defensive and special teams player actually scored one touchdown in his career when Odell Beckham Jr. muffed a punt. Video.

  • WFAA/Chanel 8 picked up on the high profile arrest in Decatur of Jake and Brooke Melton last week.  Brooke is still in jail in Wise County after nine days, and there's no attorney listed. Jake was arrested in Oklahoma, but I'm not sure about his status.  

  • A baby was shot and killed in a vehicle by police in Mississippi after they opened fire on the car stopped after a pursuit of a man wanted by police. Video. There were 40 cop cars surrounding him. A police statement issued immediately after the incident said officers fired, "As the suspect exited the vehicle." The video doesn't show a man exiting the vehicle.

  • The Texas Senate passed open/concealed carry without a permit yesterday. There are a couple of amendments that still have to be resolved, by there is now a 99% chance it becomes law on September 1st. 

  • The first criminal trial in Dallas since the pandemic has just concluded. What constitutes "Stalking" is a messy line. 50 emails in three weeks is a close call between extremely irritating and a crime, but the guy also showed up at her office to "take her to lunch" and then showed up at her home. Then again, he left whenever he was asked to leave and never returned. The sentence was agreed upon: 4 years probation. (If she look familiar, you are probably right. She had to step in and run the Dallas DA's office when Susan Hawk ran into her mental health issues in 2015.)

  • And we had the first criminal trial in Waco. A man who rotted in jail for 818 days was found not guilty on an assault charge. 

    DA with a classy retort.

  • If you like deep dives, here's the complete audit report of the Tarrant County ME's office complete with autopsy photos showing the "missed bullet" found after a body was disinterred and re-examined. That's what started the current house cleaning. (Warning: There are other disturbing photos in it.) 

  • Florida's Gov. DeSantis signed the new voter suppression bill live on Fox and Friends this morning while at the same time banning local media from the event. 

  • Probably the richest guy I personally know told me a few years back that he had gotten into the business of building, buying and selling massive warehouses like those around Alliance Airport. I think of that whenever I see stories like this: 

  • The South Carolina House of Representatives voted yesterday to bring back firing squads. Let's do it. And let's televise it. If the government is in the business of killing people, let's not candy coat it with the "peacefulness" of a lethal injection. "If we, as a society, cannot stomach the splatter from an execution carried out by firing squad, then we shouldn’t be carrying out executions at all." Wood v. Ryan, 759 F.3d 1076 (9th Cir. 2014)(Kolinski, J., dissenting)

  • Thinking you can appeal a Facebook decision to the Supreme Court is a moronic take. Yet this guy has 1.7 million followers on Twitter. 

  • George Jung, the drug dealer about who the film Blow was loosely based upon, has died. I really liked that movie. 

  • Average apartment rent in North Texas: $1,222.