Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  Hot political opinions.

  •  Still no updated news or arrests in connection with the "murder case" where the body was found in Cottondale. 

  • The video of the mother who walked into Irving PD to tell them she had killed her children, ages 1 and 6, is jolting. The first mother-infantide high profile case that comes to mind is Andrea Yates in 2001 followed by Dena Schlosser in 2004.

  • White Evangelicals not taking the the COVID vaccine? This corresponds to the doses  being readily available in conservative West Texas where people weren't taking advantage of easy access to the vaccine. 

  • I was reading a Star-Telegram story about the odd indictment of two school board members in Southlake for alleged violations of the Open Meeting Act, but then got distracted when I ended up finally looking at the ads at the bottom. America is dumb and gullible.  

  • Brookshires in Bridgeport closed on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. for Easter. I find that very confusing. I would understand closing all day. I'd understand closing Sunday morning. I'd even understand opening at 5:00. But why close at 5:00?  
  • I'm as confused as you are about the Tiger Woods crash. Last week we heard that the Sheriff's Office wouldn't release the "cause" of the wreck, even though they "knew" it, because of privacy reasons. This morning, TMZ now says the Sheriff's Office will release their findings this morning. 

  • Another confusing part of the TMZ story is where they report the Sheriff's Office didn't get a warrant for Tiger's cell phone records to determine if he was on the phone at the time of the crash because it "felt it did not have probable cause to get a warrant for cellphone records." But remember this?

  • Boldest Wise County restaurant which I hope has wild success: The Indian food place, Punjabi Dhabba, in Alvord.

  • Matt Gaetz news: (1) He sought a pardon from Trump for all crimes, (2) He's speaking at a women's sponsored event ("Women for America First") at Trump's Doral club. He's probably going to be disappointed with the age of the crowd at the latter. 

  • This video of Bryson DeChambeau on the practice range is flat out weird. I'm not saying he's all hyped up on drugs, but that has all the signs of someone being messed up.  

  • This is the exit from westbound 380 to go northbound on 287 in Decatur. The number of times that cars and trucks have failed to negotiate that turn is beyond ridiculous. I bet that guardrail has been replaced well more than a dozen times because of people plowing right into it because they didn't slow down. But no longer. After the last repair about six months ago, TxDOT put up a simple traffic cone (about where I put the red x, I think) and some other red reflectors. No one has hit in months. It's like magic. This could be a case study on how humans react to certain colors and visual clues. 

  • Legal nerd stuff. Do they have to forego running for re-election in their current position since they are seeking the Supreme Court seat? If so, that's a curious decision. You can (and they did) win as a Democrat for the Dallas appellate district, but they aren't winning in a statewide Supreme Court race. At least not yet. 

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