Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The County Commissioners in Anderson County had allowed for the Confederate Flag to be flown on the courthouse lawn for all of April, 2011, when it also declared, on a 3-2 vote, that it was "Confederate History and Heritage Month." The Palestine mayor was none to happy and called for an emergency meeting asking his city council to pass a resolution to tell the commissioners to reverse their decision. They didn't have to. Moments before the vote, the Commissioners announced the flag was being voluntarily being taken down by the Sons of the Confederacy -- the same group which had asked to fly in it the first place. 

Here's a line from the story: "A crowd of roughly 20 persons sang 'Dixie' after the flag was removed from the courthouse." Sheesh.

  • The number of attempted kidnapping of women in Denton County kept changing over the weekend, so I got my Liberally Lean Research and Graphics Development Department on it. How bizarre this all is. The current count seems to be four (although some reports put it at three.) The map below is my painstaking attempt to put a red "x" at all the locations referenced in the news although one of them is sometimes referred to as an attempt to "lure" someone towards him instead of an attempted kidnapping. Cops finally stopped what they believe to be the car involved in the incidents and arrested the guy for DWI yesterday afternoon. But they haven't come out and said it is the same guy involved in the four incidents yet. 

  • Edit: Moments before my press deadline, a very Faithful Reader sent me this. The Denton County Jail is now showing charges of Aggravated Kidnapping have been placed on the guy. (I don't think the Dirty Liberal Lamestream Media has reported this yet.) His DL shows him to be a Lake Dallas resident. My source also says that he probably was released from a State Jail in October after a felony conviction out of Gregg County. 

  • This would seem to be a huge problem in the Derek Chauvin trial: "Special Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell told jurors last Monday that while Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker ruled Floyd's cause of death cardiac arrest, prosecutors would prove he died of asphyxia, or, lack of oxygen, while Chauvin knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes." Keep an eye on this aspect of the case. 

  • Major League Baseball will move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta after Georgia made it harder to vote. If that makes you mad, you still have to go to baseball games and watch it on TV because you are also against, and can't be part of, the Cancel Culture. 

  • Fox News on-air broadcast will hardly touch the Matt Gaetz scandal, but its website doesn't shy away from it -- at least with the headlines. 

  • The Trump campaign added a pre-checked box last Fall to its donation form causing a second automatic draft to occur. It ended having to refund $122 million once people complained. 

  • I used an electric chainsaw for a couple of hours on Saturday and was having so much fun that I was afraid I turn into Leatherface by the evening. 
  • Jordan Speith drives me nuts because he and his caddy talk forever before he hits the the shot. He first got on my Irritation Radar in 2017 when he took a whole 20 minutes to decide where to take a drop at the British Open. Yesterday, he was almost as bad. For example, he and his caddy went back and forth for a few minutes about whether to lay up on 18 with a two shot lead. You don't need to think about that. And then Speith took out an eight iron and hooked it left anyway. 

  • Ticket fans only: Former Ticket Ticker guy T.C. Fleming often mentioned how his parents shipped him off to "Excel" as a teenager for smoking weed (!!!).  Well now the Dallas Observer has a story about a project T.C. has about the experience. It's not so funny anymore. 

  • Anyone want to tell him that neither team wanted his support?

  • The Liberally Lean standings are here. My quick review reveals that only "Unemployed Random Thought Girl", in tenth place, has chosen Baylor tonight and, even if he's right, the points he'll gain (30) would only be enough to get him to fifth place. My tricked up scoring system has bitten him.  

  • Speaking of Baylor, how did the Waco paper celebrate on Sunday the team making the finals the night before? By printing one of the most boring headlines ever. And the story even played second fiddle to something Chip and Joanna are doing.