Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I haven't thought about this since I posted this tweet 10 years ago, nor has the DPS Twitter account referenced the chant since then. Do they still do it?   

  • Baylor 86, Gonzaga 70. That was a thrashing. For a guy (me) who first saw them play in the old barn which was the Heart O' Texas Coliseum in Waco, it was a long time coming.  

  • Baylor refused to cancel classes today. 
  • We've got what looks like another murder in Wise County with the body of Michael Bolling, 61, having been found near Cottondale. In reading in between the lines, it doesn't sound like a gunshot wound, but I haven't heard the cause of death. Note: The "48 hour" rule of solving the case is now in effect. (I don't understand this quote from the Sheriff: “There were injuries that made it look as if it was a murder.”)

  • Six dead in Allen. One of the two killers involved in the suicide pact left an Instagram note which seemed bizarrely calm. Excerpts here. Note: The excerpt in that link did not include this crazy tidbit: "The brother also noted that he was disappointed with the way the sitcom The Office ended."

  • The official attendance announced at the Ranger game yesterday was 38,238.  These ladies decided to a bit. 
    Pic submitted by Faithful Reader Michelle.

  • The Rangers have "Dallas Truck World" written on the back of the mound. 

  • The governor didn't show up yesterday as he decided to protest MLB's decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Georgia.  It's hard to tell the snowflakes these days without a program.  (They moved the game to Colorado which happens to mail a ballot to every registered voter.)

  • A guy stole an ambulance yesterday and went on a joy ride in Collin County. If you want to see the pretty entertaining end of it, here ya go. 

  • Good grief. Shouldn't there be a lesser sanction than an indictment and arrest? Seems a little harsh.  Story

  • As of today, Kurt Cobain has been dead longer than he was alive. Side note: Haven't heard much of Courtney Love lately.  

  • Final board. My scoring system was designed to reward upset picks in the first two rounds which might be enough to allow you to hold on even if you didn't pick the ultimate champion. That worked. I note that 15 of the top 50 picked Baylor to win it all but none of the top 4:

  • For some reason I've heard this fact twice in the last couple of months: Plywood is now crazy expensive. It's running $60 a pop.