Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Yet another thing I didn't remember. The verdict: He was acquitted on three counts of perjury, but found guilty of one count of Obstruction for "misleading" a grand jury. I ranted against the Obstruction verdict at the time. In 2015, a federal appellate court overturned the conviction for insufficient evidence.

  • That Burleson police shooting ended up to be a wild story. As I understand it by deciphering this story from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, this is what we know:
    • It started as a traffic stop at 4:15 a.m. in a residential neighborhood not far from the Burleson High School stadium. 
    • A Burleson officer was shot three times (he will survive.)
    • There were three people in that car: Two men and one woman. The woman was in the front passenger seat.
    • They then drive away and abandon the car about a mile south. It tried to figure out from the news reports where all this happened and here's my best re-creation: The shooting is at the top red x and the car is  abandoned near the bottom "x". It is burned. 

    • Here's where it gets wilder. At 7:15 a.m. the three approach the house of Phillip Waddell and the female, wet and muddy, "bangs" on the door. Waddell "met the suspects with a shotgun and yelled at them to get off his property."
    • The Waddell house (approximately at the circle below) looks to be about a mile from where the car was abandoned (at the "x"): 

    • Waddell's mother, Robin, lived "across from" Phillip, and he was in contact with her. At 8:15 a.m. Robin texted Phillip and told him she was going to sit on the porch and watch the helicopters involved in the search for the people.
    • It now gets really crazy. At 8:45 a.m., Robin Waddell, 61, shows up on foot at the Burleson PD with gun shot wounds. She had been "carjacked." She later died. 
    • Cops, with the license plate number of Robin's vehicle, enter it into a database of license plate readers located around the state. (I've told you for years they exist.) Later that morning, an automated reader in Denton gets a hit showing the vehicle headed north on I-35. Two men are in the vehicle based upon police observations according to the Star-Telegram report. 
    • I'm not sure what exactly happened after that, but Jerry Don Elders, 39, was arrested around 2:00 p.m. in some woods in Gainesville. They think he is the shooter and was driving the car at the time of the initial stop in Burleson. 

    • I don't know about the other guy. The Star-Telegram says they "were still searching for him in Gainesville on Wednesday evening." NBC5, however, says he has been "located" but didn't imply that he was with Elder at all in Gainesville. 
    • The female who has with them has been "interviewed." 
  • A general manager from Allen Samuels Auto Group gave Baylor coach Scott Drew a Jeep at the victory parade two days ago and added he could use it to "recruit, pull some people out of the hood."  Video. Baylor gave the Jeep back and issued a statement

  • Man, there was a wild fight on Fox News last night between Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera. Two clips of it are here

  • The Texas Senate voted yesterday to have the government set the policy of what a private hotel can allow on its premises. 

  • I've written another Two Act Play.
    • Act I

    • Act II

  • Hey, Josh, remind me why they are there.

  • Never a question about this one.

  • For clarity, Trump actually raised the troop level to 14,000, but then struck a deal with the Taliban in February 2020 to remove all U.S. Troops. Biden is just honoring that agreement (but actually extending the deadline from May to September.) Still, let's get out there.
    Preach on!

  • Photo of how it all started in Afghanistan on October 5, 2001, below. I remember it was a Sunday and the announcement came shortly after noon. I was in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport and remembered watching a lady cry as a group gathered around a car to listen to the radio broadcast. I wondered then if she was over-reacting. To this day, I'm still not sure.

  • Nerdy Legal Stuff: Government officials get sued all the time, but I'm curious about a case on the Wise County district court docket today filed against the D.A.'s office for the simple reason that, after much Googling, I discovered the Plaintiff's lawyer has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court before. (Local cause no. CV20-10-827.) I'll have to find out what it's about. 
  • Pete Rose turned 80 yesterday. That doesn't seem right.