Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This never did become big news despite the fact that a U.S. service man was killed by our own drone.  He was 26 years old and graduated from Arlington Martin.   

  • The pepper spraying of a soldier has been all over the news this weekend. I just figured out it happened last December. 

  • I got my second Pfizer shot on Thursday and, man, did it hit me. I was relatively fine until exactly 24 hours after shot when I went downhill dramatically. For the next three hours I was shivering in bed and aching. And, since it was the worst I had felt in years, I was on the verge of thinking something had gone horribly wrong.   Then, as suddenly as it had hit me, it was gone. Weird. 
    • I'm now join the ranks of only 1 in 5 Texans who are fully vaccinated.  

    • If I had to guess, I'd say at least a third of the  the population will never get the vaccine. Why? Down deep they think COVID was no big deal and believe the whole thing was overblown. It's now their little protest against The Man to not get the vaccine. 

  • Hail storms didn't impact us on Friday, but they did to the south and east of Dallas. Check out the way some handled it in Rockwall to protect their cars on I-30. 

  • Similar troubling stories out of Houston and Dallas

  • There's really no information on this, but they think it is murder. “The official cause and manner of death will be determined by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office."

  • But they might want to tap the brakes on relying on the opinion of the Medical Examiner's Office. Remember the assistant ME from Tarrant County who is on administrative leave for screwing up 40 autopsies? Well now we have a ruling that the lead ME, Dr. Nizam Peerwani, may have his own problems. "In a 51-page finding, Tarrant County District Court Judge Mollee Westfall said Peerwani made 'false, inaccurate or misleading' statements in at least 10 crucial elements of the prosecution case." Prediction: They are about to clean house at the Tarrant ME's office. 

  • The Poor and Downtrodden White Man, subject of so much discrimination, held a variety of rallies across the country yesterday. One of them was in Fort Worth. It went off with a whimper with more counter-protestors than protestors -- and not many of either.  

  • Trump had an audience this weekend. Some things never change. 

  • Chris Wallace continues to be the last bastion of hope for Fox News. 

  • John Cornyn was tweeting early this morning. He didn't mention that President Biden's approval rating have been higher than Trump's ever got in four years. See how that works? (Side note: Cornyn plagiarized this word for word from a Politico story.)

  • Could use just a little bit of editing here:

  • I had forgotten that the Shelley Luther case wasn't over. Her jail sentence for contempt of court out of Dallas was still on appeal, and the only reason she had not served the sentence was because the Texas Supreme Court gave her a PR bond. Well, on Friday afternoon the court quietly overturned the sentence completely.