Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I have no memory of a viral "talking twins" video. But the link I used back then is still up. The two kids involved in it are kind of cute, but I suppose that could get old in a hurry.  

  • New York officially legalized marijuana yesterday. In New Mexico, recreational weed becomes legal once the governor signs the bill on his desk. 

  • Speaking of, the lead anchor of OAN had a warning for you kids yesterday about about marijuana: 

  • Gender reveal party in Cancun goes wrong and kills two. Video

  • Long time readers know I've been on a decades long campaign railing against medical examiners opining about a causes of death completely unrelated to their medical expertise. (I.e. calling a death a "homicide" or a "suicide" instead of simply saying someone died due to a gunshot wound to the head.)   In any event, now we are learning the #2 ME in Tarrant County, who has been on the job for 40 years, might not have been very good at any of it.

  • Video.

  • This got a Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD teacher suspended.

  • Mrs. LL, much to my bewilderment, has always complained about Michael Strahan's gap between his front teeth. But two days ago I got to announce that her long nightmare was over since he announced he had gotten it fixed.  But, now, there's a chance this might have been an April Fools Bit. (Just like "Voltzwagen" just pulled.)

  • Did you know that yoga has been outlawed in public schools in Alabama since 1997? An attempt yesterday by the state legislature to reverse this ban failed after a bill was left pending in committee.  But even if it passed, the bill would have strictly limit how yoga was conducted:

  • Hot sports opinion: They don't "know" the cause at all. 

  • That's not the way it works. 

  • I'm not up to speed very much on the NCAA case argued before the Supreme Court yesterday regarding compensation of student athletes, but this got everyone's attention: 

  • I saw this sports bet yesterday. Assuming the bet involves practice and not a game situation, I'm taking Verlander, and I don't think it is even close.

  • Legal nerd stuff: Over the last thirty years, how the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has interpreted the term "deadly weapon" has been legendary. (It's important because a deadly weapon finding requires the defendant to serve at least  1/2 of their sentence before becoming eligible for parole.) Almost anything, they have said, can qualify (hammers, rocks, pipes, bricks, and the defendant’s own hands). But yesterday the court did the first about face in years and held that holding an electric drill during a robbery, without more, was not a deadly weapon. But what is also really interesting is that the the court linked to the video of the robbery in their written opinion.  

  • The Ranger's ballpark will be the only MLB stadium to have 100% capacity on its opening day. I'm really interested to see how many tickets they sell -- they haven't announced a sellout yet.