Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This was all over the news because it was a fiery crash involving a wrong way driver who hit a tanker truck at I-30 and Beach Street in Fort Worth. The driver later admitted on camera from jail to drinking 10 beers at Embargo, which was actually a Cuban themed club, prior to the accident. He actually went to trial the next year and received 20 years in prison. The Fort Worth Court of Appeal affirmed the conviction although it was "greatly disturbed by the tenor of the State’s punishment evidence and the jury argument" focusing on the defendant being in the country illegally.  As to the club, Embargo closed in 2014 after an eight year run. 

  • Breaking: That big old ship in the Suez Canal is free.

    • Here's an angle of the ship yesterday from an adjacent village. It's a big old thing. 

  • A DPS trooper remains in critical condition after being shot near Mexia on Friday eening. The alleged shooter took his own life a short time later.  Out of all of it, this was the first time I had ever received a "Blue Alert." 
  • As always, an arrest does not mean guilt nor does an indictment, but it is noteworthy that a former Boyd Police Officer is now the subject of both in connection with Indecency with a Child charges. Vince Estel in cause number CR-22969.
  • Six teenage girls, all from Nocona, were in a pickup on Saturday afternoon just northwest of town when it went of the road. One did not survive.
  • Senators traveled to the border for a photo op on DPS's gun boats. The usual suspects showed up. 
  • But I didn't expect to hear a Senator upset that the cartels have overtaken his state's homemade bathtub crank.
  • I'll never get over the DPS gun boats having three 350 horsepower outboard motors on each boat. But they don't have the money to staff a driver's license office. 
  • Out of context Fox News: 
  • This girl is gonna end up in prison if she's not careful with her Twitter account. 

  • Almost every AR-15 owner I know speaks of the scenario that Lindsey Graham came out and described on Sunday except the say "when all hell breaks loose" instead of "if there's a natural disaster." 

  • A lot going on at Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Ada, Oklahoma: 
  • Random Big Man Kicker coming through. 5'5" and 285 pounds
  • I saw a headline where five people were killed in a helicopter crash in Alaska on their way to "back country skiing." I thought that sounded pretty high-tone, and I was right: The five people were staying at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge which offers packages priced at $15,000. Here's a picture taken during the summer:
  • UT would have owed basketball coach Shaka Smart $7.1 million if they fired him. Instead he just agreed to walk away to another school. Seems weird. 
  • Liberally Lean Pick Em Standings:
  • Baylor/Arkansas starts at 9:00 p.m. tonight? Why? There's only one other game today.