Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This was referring to the aftermath of one of the worse DWI wrecks in Wise County history when it occurred in 2007. But, despite the bullet point, I never followed up on probation modification despite there later being a hearing in April of 2011 according to county records. I still don't know. But it's all history now. Both are now deceased.   Betty Monroe died in 2014. Jackie died in 2018.

  • Sad update on the shooting of the DPS trooper on Friday. 

  • Oh, my.  I remember him back from his traffic duties at KLIF during the 1990s where he'd end it with the tagline of  "See ya on down the road." 

  • Everything is normal:

  • The My Pillow guy is getting nuttier and nuttier. Video.

  •  "Forney Man" is pretty close to "Florida Man." (You can click on the link if you want, but the headline pretty much tells you everything that is in it.)

  • The number of people who refuse to get the COVID vaccine is stunning. I don't understand you people. 

  • Vaccine passport? What Marjorie is doing below is announcing her support for  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who has said he issue an executive order forbidding private businesses from requiring so-called vaccine passports across the state -- a very odd proposition coming from the Republicans.  Seriously, if a private entity requires a vaccination card before entry that will be the price you pay for not being vaccinated. On the other hand, if the government requires it in order to do "x", then we'll talk. 

  • President Biden, moments ago,  announced his first slate of federal judicial nominees -- eleven in all. It's a diverse group. What I like is that the names include four former public defenders. (For what it is worth, there are no Texas connections other than one nominee got her undergraduate degree at UTEP.)

  • Baylor digression:
    • They finally broke through to the Final Four. They are an astonishing 52-6 over the last two years.  

    • The women almost made it last night as well, but a last second shot against UConn didn't go in because she never got it off. No foul called. Here's a great video of it. 

    • Random pic from that game:

  • What I wish would come back: The "DVD commentary" option for movies streamed online. 
  • During Bridgeport's playoff soccer game last night, one player lay paralyzed on the field for quite some time. It scared everyone to death, but he'll be OK.