Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Eighteen feet? That video is still up, as well as another one showing a better angle of just how low they were. I got worse for the pilot who "led" the crew in that he ended up resigning "instead of facing a court martial."

  • Boulder Updates:
    • We learned the shooter, who was raised and educated in America, and was able to buy the gun just a few days before the mass shooting, had a foreign sounding name. A fact which changes nothing. 

    • He was born three days before the Columbine shooting occurred. We've been dealing with the crap a long time. 
    • Ted Cruz is upset that people demand change after every mass shooting. Every. Mass. Shooting.  

    • Don't worry about your guns. If twenty dead six and seven year olds at Sandy Hook Elementary School didn't cause a change, nothing will. 
    • Good lord. 

    • The President has ordered flags flown at half-staff. I've said it before: We might as well just leave them there. 
  • Most news stories that appear on a local TV news' website are normally ridiculously short with no information other than the headline. Not this one. It is detailed and, trust me, it is wild.

  • In Johnson County, one high school student from Venus High School and another from Joshua High School are dead after taking a pill which wasn't what they were expecting. Speculation is that it was fentanyl. Another student is in serious condition. 
  • A cargo shipped got all cattywampus in the Suez Canal and has had it blocked for over 24 hours. There's a massive and expensive traffic jam going on there now.  

  • In an article released this morningThe New York Times has pieced together footage showing Officer Brian Sicknick, who died immediately after the Trump Insurrection, being doused with bear spray. It's fantastic work. 

  • Hunger Games: Alvord Edition?

  • There is definitely a COVID induced backlog of criminal cases on the docket. The Tarrant County D.A.'s office released this graphic to demonstrate the new problem. 

  • Actor George Segal has died. Accounts of his career reminded me of this cringe-worthy film that I'm pretty sure I saw in a theater. That's a 26 year old Denzel Washington as his co-star.

  • From the Messenger today: That's a bad look for Bridgeport.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold