Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I posted this pic along with this quote from an AP story: "The Texas Education Agency reports Hispanic students this school year account for 50.2 percent of the state’s 4.9 million children enrolled in public schools, including pre-kindergarten and early childhood education."

I was curious what that number was today. Turns out, the percentage is now up to only 52.7% of 5.5 million children in school. That's surprising to me. 

  • Ten dead in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. That's the second mass shooting in a week. Yes, America is getting back to normal. 

    • Here's the most shocking video of the incident which was posted to Twitter within minutes of it happening. 

    • QAnon showed up in the replies on Twitter immediately after the above video was posted. I'm telling you, these guys are all around you. 

    • Police were being ridiculously tight-lipped after the shooting. Everyone is speculating that this guy in handcuffs was the shooter but the cops wouldn't come out an say it. No word if he was motivated by "low blood sugar" or if he was just having "a bad day." 

    • Colorado is an open carry state. 
    • CNN is reporting that the weapon was an "AR-15 style."  So the guy just legally walked into the grocery store carrying it for all to see. 
    • The crazy Colorado congressman offered her thoughts and prayers. 

This you?
  • Crazy lawyer Sidney Powell has filed a Motion to Dismiss the defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion because, she says, no reasonable person thought her election fraud claims were a statement of fact. Really. She is saying you would have to be a moron to believe The Big Lie. (That's actually the Tucker Carlson defense.) 

  • I've found my favorite Insurrectionist. She was committing treason and adultery unbeknownst to her husband cop. Well, at least he didn't know about the adultery part. 

  • Meteorologist promoted a reader submitted "Kitler" photo and was then forced to apologize. Come on, that's funny.  

  • "Unaccompanied alien children" have, for years, been treated with unique care under U.S. law. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a loophole, but it's easier to stay in the country as a minor than an adult.  This isn't a new problem. 

  • Whoever is running Sen. Cornyn's Twitter account must hate him. "Humane treatment" is a bad thing?

  • Do you ever get the feeling that there's something going on that we don't know about? Here is a random bill I noticed which was just filed in the Texas legislature: 

  • Inside the board room of Krispy Kreme: "Anyone have an idea to get a person in a store which cost only a few measly pennies so they'll end up spending $10 while they are there, and then trick the entire national media into promoting it for us for free and make us look like we are thanking the public?" 

  • Liberally Lean leaderboard.  With my tricked up scoring system, I would have thought we would have wider margins than what we are seeing. But I think the big difference is that those who picked a handful of upsets are doing better than those with more correct picks but used favorites. From here on out the scoring gets pretty much back to normal. But you were rewarded for boldness in the first two rounds. 

  • Wise County Justice of the Peace Kim Redman's office is always incredibly responsive.