Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I posted this ten years ago simply because of the hypocrisy of a big time "drug prosecutor" in Las Vegas being arrested for dope.  I looked for an update, found one, and, man, it's a shocker. He lost his $118,000 a year job, and then received nine months jail sentence for only $40 worth of cocaine. He appealed the sentence but then fled to Mexico and taunted authorities with Facebook posts. He later returned to serve his sentence and was released after four months. He then killed himself.  

The War on Drugs continues. 

  • Be careful partying in Dallas:
    • A woman is dead in Uptown over night. She may have jumped on a car during "disturbance" and fell off. A white Camaro didn't stop.  

    • Early Saturday, a lady was killed at Pryme Bar which is on Technology Boulevard off I-35 (and near Cowboys Red River.) 

  • The White House fired five people for past marijuana use. That's dumb. 

  • Cops in Colorado pulled over a Chicago Cubs minor league pitcher driving a BMW on Wednesday before finding 21 pounds of suspected methamphetamine and 1.2 pounds of suspected oxycodone in his car.

  • NCAA Tourney pictures:
    • Oh, Texas.

    • Oh, Abilene Christian! (Video of the campus reaction to the final two made free throws and the win. Pretty cool)

    • Oh, North Texas! It was fun while it lasted. 

    • Oh, Oral Roberts University! They've won two and are still going. 

  • Random FBI thought: It takes you this long to identify someone and you still can't do it?  

  • I ended up being in downtown Decatur on Friday evening. It was packed to the gills. (I'm not sure what "to the gills" actually means.) 
  • Hot court opinion that every criminal defense practitioner holds but is too scared to utter:

  • A prosecutor in Pennsylvania who made at least $125,435 a year has been demoted for having a side-hustle as a DoorDash delivery guy. Side note: What's up with these salaries for prosecutors?

  • I've spent a lot of time focusing on Frisco being a hotbed of White Christian Nationalism and now The Washington Post gives it a front page story this morning. Eighteen people from Collin County were charged in the Trump Insurrection of January 6th. 

  • Who at TxDOT greenlighted this ad campaign?

  • Random golf shot from the Honda Classic on Friday. Video

  • Here are the Liberally Lean Pick 'Em standings.  Some guy or girl named "Loyal ilk of BSG" (no relation) is in first place.