Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago we were in the middle of an NFL "lockout" imposed by the owners that would last until July 25,2011. At the end of it, owners won the right to impose a new thing called "the franchise tag."  (I wondered if the NFL draft was disrupted, but it was held as scheduled on April 28, 2011 even though the lockout was still ongoing.) 

  •  Absolutely incredible. So he was just a church-going white boy "having a really bad day" by going out and killing Asians? 

  • And, according to that Sheriff's investigator, the Georgia shooter wasn't motivated by race because he said he wasn't. Instead, it was a "sex addiction."   (Flashback to last week when the redneck announcer in Oklahoma who was caught on a hot mic blamed "low blood sugar" for his racism. Sugar and sex are having a bad couple of weeks.)  

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  • If you had any buddies who celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the Overtime bar off of 820 and North Beach Street last night, you might want to check on them to make sure their legs are are ok.  Side note: The Star-Telegram reported "more than 20 units" responded. (Too many cops?) 

  • This is odd: Two separate arrests for Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy out of Tarrant County in just the last week where law enforcement accused two mothers of causing a child's illness/injuries for attention.  One thing which makes me question the strength of the cases: Both investigations were originated by the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office. 

  • Related: You might have missed that the Cleburne lady convicted in a recent Munchausen case trial had her conviction affirmed by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals earlier this year (with the whole court agreeing not to reconsider there decision just last week.) She received both five years in prison and ten years probation on two counts. 

  • In a press conference held by Greg Abbott for the sake of holding a press conference yesterday, someone forgot to tell the props in the back that Texas is "100% open!"

  • Say what?

  • This lady is a mess. (It's a minor point, but she didn't pick up any new charges because of the new incident at the Office Depot. After the confrontation with the cop at the Bank of America a few days ago, she wasn't actually arrested but released to the hospital instead. The police then got warrants for trespassing and resisting arrest. Those warrants were the basis for her arrest at Office Depot although it sounds like she refused to wear a mask there as well.) 

  • Interesting stat with no explanation: During the pandemic, the Texas prison population has been rapidly going down. I suppose we haven't been "adding" as many people due to a court shut down, but that still doesn't explain it. 

  • It's horrible that former Mav's Shawn Bradley has been left a paraplegic after a bicycle/car accident, but how in the world did it happen two months ago without anyone knowing about it? 
  • Liberally Lean Tourney Pick 'Em sign up ends March 19, 11:15 AM CDT.