Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago we had the 
Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in Japan. I had forgotten that its cause was an earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that killed 16,000 people. (And that's a different Tsunami than the one you are thinking about that hit Indonesia in 2004.)

  • News on Friday afternoon can quickly fade from memories, and by this morning hardly anyone is mentioning the racist redneck from Oklahoma caught on a live mic. He was one of the announcers of a live stream of a girls' high school basketball game who took exception to one team taking a knee during the national anthem.   Here's the audio. Here's his apology where he blames his blood sugar. 

  • A viral video does not show a lady being arrested in Galveston for not wearing a mask. The lady was arrested for violating a decades old criminal trespass law in Texas which says once a property owner tells you to leave and you refuse to leave, you are committing an arrestable offense. Video.

  • This news flash from Love Field this morning might be pretty good evidence that we, rightly or wrongly, are "getting back to normal."

  • Now we know why it's easy to get a COVID vaccine in West Texas: Half of Republican men won't get it.

  • If this guy is accurate, Wise County will receive $13.57 million from the most recent Congressional stimulus package.

  • This picture, from a "Spring Break at Port Aransas" compilation, got my attention. It really is a work of art. I'm guessing the guy being held back just decked the other guy, but look at all the expressions in the background. Click to enlarge.

  • Mortgage crisis flashback humor

  • This story is pretty wild: According to police, a guy in Hurst was trying to steal a homeowner's catalytic convertor from a truck outside his residence so the homeowner ran outside with a gun and fired three shots, killing the alleged thief, as he attempted to drive away. Cops arrested the homeowner. The grand jury decided to kill the case. 

  • Drug cases filed in Texas courts have fallen for the first time in years. The reason: Due to a legislative screw-up from a couple of years ago, marijuana cases now require a lab report showing the percentage of THC -- the ingredient in weed that makes you high.  With basically no labs doing that, more and more prosecutors are simply declining prosecution. Source: Grits for Breakfast.

  • Bad legal take. (And it is from a new congressman with a questionable background.) 

  • Gov. Abbott will hold a press conference today with this guy announcing new efforts to make it harder to vote in Texas under the guise of "voting reform."

  • Here's the Liberally Lean Tourney Pick 'Em link. Remember, it's a tricked up scoring system where upset picks in the first two rounds can win the whole thing. Get on it. 

  • I don't want to dog UT after they won the Big 12 Tourney, but it seems like a big deal that they got to rest the day before the game against OSU (because Kansas withdrew due to COVID issues) while OSU had to duke it out with Baylor the evening before. 
  • Caught the WBAP good old boys dogging the Grammys last night because of the rap artist performances and musing that they prefer "bands like the Eagles or Foo Fighters who just stand up there and sing." Sheesh. I wonder why the distinction.