Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

R.I.P. Bono's restaurant north of Decatur. 

  • From yesterday. Incredible video.

  • The Texas Senate set a record yesterday by filing a bill and passing it in one day by suspending  all the rules and reversing deadlines. It all had to do with (the probable unconstitutional) wiping out $16 billion in electricity charges during the February storm.   It was spearheaded by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who immediately held a press conference and conspicuously said that, despite rumors, he is not going to run for Governor. Side note: He's going to run for governor. 
  • I don't understand how to interpret the pricing at Weatherford College.
    • The price schedule:
      • "Tuition for in-district (Parker County) students was approved at $102 per credit hour, a 7 percent increase" 
      • "Out-of-district tuition increased to $170 per hour" 
      • "Out-of-district Wise County will be $129" 
    • Say I live in Jack County: What do I pay if I attend a class in Wise County? $170 or $129?
    • What do I pay if I live in Wise County and attend class at the Parker County campus? 
  • Security guard overkill.

  • They bloom like clockwork and show up seemingly overnight every year between March 10th and March 15th. I'm a big fan. 

  • I want COVID to be gone, but I'm not all that thrilled with "things going back to the way they were." 
  • This is interesting. I think there might actually be some very, very slight wiggle room of "forcing" employees to engage in a prayer, but the allegation that employees "were then harassed and fired after they refused to comply" which is the big problem. The doctor got hit with a $375,000 fine. 

  • You might want to avoid the XTC parking lot in Dallas. These are different incidences on two consecutive nights:  
    Early this morning

    Early Monday morning

  • This happened in India and is proof you don't want to stand under a tree during a storm. Video. (Warning: They all drop like a rock. One reportedly didn't survive.) 

  • I can't wait for the Feds to finally lock this guy up. Not for wasting money, but for his other crimes. 

  • Some people like looking a Zillow, I like looking at rent prices. This new apartment building which just opened in Dallas has a 512 square foot studio unit starting at $1,649 a month.
    Central Expressway and Knox

  • None of us are safe. (And someone needs to call the Apostrophe Police.) My favorite might be "High Fullutent"

  • Sign-up for the Liberally Lean Modified Scoring System March Madness Tourney. I'm serious -- get on it. First round games this year are on Friday and Saturday instead of the typical Thursday and Friday. And the funny names of bracket's keep coming: 

  • Legal nerd stuff: I've been waiting to see the appellate brief in the Wichita Falls/Lottery Winner/ Sexual Assault/High Priced Attorneys/No Defense case, and it has finally been filed. Dear Fort Worth Court of Appeals, please put up a link to it. 
  • Sports: There is no more meaningless and hollow stat than that of the "triple double."