Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I only post this one to remind everyone it was 10 years ago when Charlie Sheen started acting crazy. Those were the days of "tiger blood", "warlock", and "winning." Yep, he threw around "winning" almost more than Trump ever would. (Here's a video compilation of Sheen doing just that.)     

  • Congress shut down today because of a crazy QAnon theory that Trump will be installed as the 19th President of the United States because all presidents since Ulysses S. Grant have been illegitimate. You may not know it, but you constantly come in contact with people who believe this. 

  • Mystery charges: A Denton patrol officer has been arrested by the FBI but they haven't told us why yet. Side note: He earned $83,807 as of two years ago. 
  • Well, I got my answer as to whether the $870,00 Man would survive: 

  • President Biden has a couple of words for the governors of Texas and Mississippi about ending the mask mandate:

  • Austin PD shot and killed a man earlier this year, but they have a creative reason as to why they can't release the video of the incident. Does the video need to thaw out? 

  • To whichever Wise County Justice of the Peace who has been setting bonds at $10,000 for the penny-ante drug charge of Possession < 1 gram: Stop it. 
  • Speaking of bonds, the Texas Attorney General and Houston Police Chief sparred about the subject:

  • One person on the last Rhome City Council meeting via Zoom was pretty casual. Video. (Thanks to the Faithful Reader for the tip.) 

  • We've got another amazing video from a church in Frisco. This time is is Keith Craft of Elevate Life Church who dropped a P-Bomb during a sermon. Video

  • An amazing 23 people will be on the ballot to replaced deceased Congressman Ron Wright out of Fort Worth. Here's a list of their names and occupations. 
  • Can cops get a search warrant looking for evidence connected with a "crime" so small as "reckless driving"? Yep. It's easy to do because they system has been ridiculously skewed to allow the government to do whatever they want.  And probable cause has been reduced to "we've got a hunch" where judges across the country routinely just give their rubber stamp of approval. 

  • Fifteen of of President Biden's predecessors had subjected themselves to a press conference by now. Biden has not. That's a problem. 

  • Every contestant incorrectly answered the Final Jeopardy answer yesterday. Sometimes the best bet to place is no bet at all: 

  • UNT students need to be on the lookout for this sinkhole near Union Circle. (Photo from last night). 

  • Another Elon Musk rocket blew up yesterday. He's doing great. 

  • Random tweets less than 24 hours apart:

  • Healthy teachers and school staff are now immediately eligible for the vaccine everywhere. (Unhealthy teachers already were eligible.)