Random Friday Morning Thoughts

I had to work to remember this one since the Channel 8 link didn't work.  The mother was Krishonda Townsend, who actually had gone missing in July of 2010. Her skeletal remains would be found southwest of Mineral Wells in October of 2011.  This case remains unsolved, and I never could find a cause of death.  But the Weatherford Democrat has referred to her as a "murdered teen."

  • That case reminded me of another unsolved murder case out of Midlothian -- the one involving Missy Beavers who was killed in the very early morning hours at a church in 2016. You would think that mystery would have been resolved.

  • Big Wise County news yesterday where a juvenile female shot and killed a man in a "domestic dispute within the family" in Cottondale, and law enforcement seems incredibly tight lipped about the case. The most we got is that the sheriff said, "It's a sensitive situation."  That's all a little strange and gives rise to speculation. 
  • Early indications are that the ice/snow storm has caused a ton of bush and shrub death. 
  • A Dallas police officer, Bryan Riser, was arrested yesterday on two counts of capital murder. It looks like he was a possible suspect since 2019, but they kept him on the force and didn't tip him off. I guess the big question is why it took two years to develop enough evidence for a warrant.  

    • One very weird part of that story was that Riser was arrested for domestic violence in 2017. Here is this sentence from the Morning News story: "The outcome of that case was not immediately clear; it does not appear in Dallas County court records."
  • We now know the federal charges that prompted the FBI to arrest a Denton PD officer two days ago: Child porn
  • Wild video out of Southlake PD:

  • This "cancel culture" may not be too bad: Dr. Seuss publisher voluntarily decided to stop printing just six of his books, and feels comfortable doing so in part because Dr. Seuss' estate made $33 million last year putting him at #2 on Forbes "The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2020" list. 

  • The Wise County Sheriff's Office public database is down this morning. I assume it's only a momentary glitch, but I recall they were hit with a ransomware attack one time. Edit: It's back up.
  • This is a Bloomberg story, and the "watchdog" is hired by the State of Texas: 

  • Maybe the conservative Fort Worth Business Press is right when it said a couple of days ago that Gov. Abbott is a "moron." Now he wants the government to be able to control what a private company can and cannot say. And he's even holding a press conference today to promote this. (He actually knows better than this -- he's just feeding red meat to the masses.)

  • You know, Gov. Abbott is a horrible public speaker. I never really noticed this until the last couple of years where mass shootings, COVID, and the Deep Freeze have forced him to speak in front of the cameras. 
  • Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler died this week. I think the last time I mentioned him was when one of his deputies accidentally shot himself and then possibly lied about it in 2018. The original story of a third party shooter caused a massive investigation.  Fowler's reaction was only that the case was "now closed." Edit: I've learned that the deputy filed a products liability case in Parker County against the holster manufacturer.
    Even the feds were brought in to look for evidence of an "attempted murderer
    of a cop" who did not exist. 

  • If you got a lot of free time, here's the 37 page Inspector General's report revealing the past misconduct of Wise County's congressional representative Ronny Jackson: 

  • Not sure how I missed this since it's right in my wheel house: News of the World stars Tom Hanks as an ex-confederate soldier passing through Wichita Falls in the wild territory of North Texas "who assumes the dangerous task of returning a ten-year-old girl who has been taken captive by a band of Kiowa to her family in South Texas." I'm in. It's on demand on Amazon Prime or Google Play. (The film is based on a book by Paulette Jiles who was interviewed by Texas Monthly about the novel in 2016 here.)

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 609 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold