Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I was referring to the Fort Worth Marathon that had been held the weekend before. Thomas would actually run the Boston Marathon two years later in 2013 -- the same year of the bombing. He had already finished and was back at his hotel when the bomb went off.    

  • So did you see the surgeon who appeared by Zoom for his trial in municipal court in California while he was in an operating room with a patient on the table? I've got a couple of theories. One, he is a nut who actually thought that was a good idea. Two, he's doing a bit. And he'd be able to pull off that bit because he's a plastic surgeon and probably runs and operates his own operating room in his office complex. That's routine. So he could have set it up with a friendly employee playing the role of patient just to jack with The Man. 

  • At the end of the ice storm, Mrs. LL ended up picking up milk in Fort Worth since it was in scarce supply in Wise County. After one week, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the expiration date on the bottle. Photo below -- this seems very wrong. That's just regular run of the mill 2% milk from Kroger: 

  • At CPAC, they lined up to tell a QAnon nutcase that they love her. Video

  • The Messenger had their annual "Best Of" issue, and I noticed that Charlie Tibbels won "Best Attorney." I shall be filing a lawsuit challenging the use of mail-in ballots and the voting procedure to Stop this Steal.  
  • Sketch artist draws the current view of the Supreme Court. 

  • The Wise County Jail population numbers are interesting after a year into the pandemic. Total inmates as of this morning is 167 - about 30 lower than pre-pandemic numbers. But the number of inmates who have been there for over 100 days is skewed much higher: 73 as of this morning. Pre-pandemic, that number averaged around 45.
  • Wise County congressional representative Ronny Jackson lied as to why he couldn't attend the House session on Friday (the one where the $1.9 million COVID relief bill passed over Republican objections) citing a "public health emergency." He actually was attending CPAC in Florida. 

  • Ted Cruz was also at CPAC. His comedy routine failed to mention that an 11 year old boy froze to death during the winter storm.  Video of Cruz delivering the line . . . 

  • Ken Paxton, who I believe will end up in federal prison for his most recent scandal, bragged about golfing with Trump on Friday. 

  • A Baylor graduate has been charged in the Trump Insurrection at the Capitol.

    • "In September Coffee began actively posting about QAnon conspiracies and releasing Instagram videos alleging the world was controlled by an all-powerful cabal of politicians, billionaires, propagandists, and Satanists‚ and that God had anointed Donald Trump to root out evil in the body politic."
    • A faithful reader pointed out that he might have made the roster for the Bears' football team.
  • Now we've got technology that makes old photos "come to life." Trust me on this one, click here to see Frederick Douglas move as he poses for the picture. (Obviously, it could be done with any still image. Here's an example of that.)

  • "Hey, go work for an hour and I'll give you all of this!"

  • I don't know if this real, but I have no reason to doubt it.

  • Did you know the first player ever drafted in the NBA was born in Wise County, went to Slidell High School, played for Decatur Baptist, and later was a principal at Bridgeport High School? (Credit: Messenger's Richard Greene.) 
  • How Mad Were Boosters at the Evil Empire Revolt: "Emails obtained by The Texas Tribune show alumni and donors threatened to stop supporting the university financially and demanded that the university president take a stronger stance supporting "The Eyes of Texas'."
  • Today is the deadline for Texas police and sheriffs departments to submit racial-profiling data on 2020 traffic stops. Past data here